Friday, January 27, 2012

A SLICE of life from Pia Cayetano

SLICE: A Slice of Life in Every Bite is the newest baby, a product of the "creative and entrepreneurial mind and spirit," of Senator Pia Cayetano. The restaurant cafe, which will open around first week of March, will serve breakfast all day, and desserts at the top of the menu. It's basically a cafe which serves healthy offering at the same time something worth indulging in, to make life more fun and worth it.


Right now, it has a stall or cart cafe right outside their space which serves Paninis, Muffins, Cookies, Granola and Coffee. I saw the senator's Tweets about Slice the day before yesterday, and asked her about it. Since it triggered the foodista in me, I decided to have dinner and try it out with Ly, my friend from college, and now my colleague at the Department.


We ordered Panini for dinner. Ly got the Quatro Formaggio with Pesto (Php 150), while I got the Turkey and Cheddar (Php 120). The Quatro Formaggio and Turkey and Cheddar are definitely a must try for cheese lovers. Both of them are tasty and filling, definitely a nice treat to end the day.


We also got the Deep Dish Cookies at Php 50 each. We tried both the Chunky Peanut Butter and the Chunky Chocolate Chip. Both are equally lovely, and perfect paired with coffee. I personally like the Chunky Chocolate Chip, but it really depends if you like chocolate better than peanut butter. I can vouch that both cookies won't fail your expectations.


We also tried the Muffins (Php 60 each - see MUFFIN MENU here), courtesy of Sen. Pia (thank you!). We had the Sprinkle Me Cinnamon, which is actually her favorite, and the Choco Monkey PB. I am really picky on my muffins because those that I have tried before tend to be dry and "lifeless" or dull, but this is different. The two muffins really stand out because of their flavor, consistency and overall finish. Oh, I heard that they will be offering Red Velvet this February!

The Sprinkle Me Cinnamon is another banana overload muffin, with the "irresistible aroma and taste of cinnamon spice," which when "taken with high carb food lessens impact on blood sugar level. It's high manganese content is good for the bones. Recommended for those watching their blood sugar."


The Choco Monkey PB on the other hand is a "delightful blend of everything nice from chocolate chips, peanut butter to banana." Not only is it high in fiber, but it is also loaded with antioxidants. "Both chocolate and peanut butter are anti-oxidants, which peanut butter is also a good source of protein."

Right now, they also serve Granola (Php 70 for 80g), which has oats, grains, nuts, and dried fruits. Granola is a good source of fiber and vitamins. This sure is a good breakfast treat. I am actually eating this now as I type :)


Slice offers original and borrowed recipes which Pia herself likes and wants to share with others. With the help of a chef consultant, because of obvious reasons (busy schedule with her work as a public servant), she manages the cafe personally.

Asked to describe what's the inspiration behind SLICE, Pia says it "is the product of my imagination, dreams, travels, food cravings and a desire to share my ideas on healthy eating with occasional indulgences."

Ever since, she has been a fan of social entrepreneurship, healthy living, and teaching her already grown-up daughter and kids these values which she had grown-up with, and which made her what and who she is today.


If I'm not doing what I am doing right now, I would probably be a chef. Beyond the love of trying new food, and tasting new things, I have a desire to cook and recreate yummy and wonderfully created dishes. I try. :)) I someday dream of having my own cafe or restaurant, some place to chill, have friends over, eat good food, and celebrate life.

SLICE will be open until around 11pm on weekdays, and 12 to 1am on weekends. It is located at the new extension wing of the Bonifacio High Street (BHS), The Fort, in Taguig (right beside Jamba Juice). Grab a healthy muffin paired with their cappuccino or brewed coffee, a perfect pairing for a perfect hard earned day's end, or start, in your slice.

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  1. definitely trying that!! the panini looks cheesy & yummy.. and the granola too!



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