Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Yabu House of Katsu revisited

Yabu Philippines has been receiving a lot of raves from fellow foodies, food writers, and people who have tummies and appetite for good Japanese Katsu. I would not be surprised at the accolade Yabu Katsu is receiving because of their really mouthwatering and delicious pork and food line-up.


It was me and my cousin Lujean's second time to eat at Yabu: The House of Katsu (click to read our first experience). This time around, we brought with us our artista cousin, Gretchen Ho (who recently became a trending topic over at Twitter), who despite of her busy schedule set time to be with her cousins for dinner. :P


Since Lujean and I have tried their Kurobuta Pork Set and their Rosu Tonkatsu Set (the best choices in their menu if you were to ask the both of us) the first time around, we opted to try their Katsudon Set (Php 265) and Rosu Katsu Curry Set (Php 285) respectively.


The Rosu Katsu Curry, protected by trimmings of fat, is juicier than the Hire version. "Savor the porkloin drenched in the Japanese curry that’s thicker, sweeter and milder than usual curries. Yabu’s homemade curry is made with 45 ingredients and slow-cooked to perfection." One can opt for the level of spiciness he wants. I got the spiciest one. Winner!


On the other hand, Gretch tried their Hire Tonkatsu Set (Php 285), pork tenderloin cut, without the trimming of fat the Rosu Tonkatsu has (In my opinion though, tha trimming of fat the Rosu has makes it even more yummy and succulent!). This dish is served with Japanese rice, miso soup, Japanese pickles, unlimited cabbage, and a bowl of fruit (which came this time!)


Besides that we got the potato croquette, which costs Php 100 for 2 pieces. It was alright, nothing special, but tastes good nonetheless.


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