Saturday, December 17, 2011

Unscripted Book Launch with Sarah and Vicky

Put really driven, intelligent and inspiring young people + a book launch = a recipe for GREATNESS. Sarah Meier and Vicky Herrera, launched their first ever book, UNSCRIPTED, at the Fullybooked Bonifacio High Street two days ago to the press, family and friends.

Unscripted is a book of their favorite interviews from The Dollhouse, their radio show before at U92. See my previous post for more information on Unscripted. Oh, and you can catch Sarah and Vicky today at 6pm as they launch their book at the Ayala Cebu Activity Center. :)


I was a little early, so I caught some behind the scenes as Sarah and Vicky prepare for the book launch. At the Fullybooked ground floor activity area, you can see a huge S&V made of thousands of leaves, which was painstakingly but really wonderfully pinned to the canvass. It worked really well. Kudos to Holland Blooms!


Vicky and Sarah in the "dressing room" cum "press room" before the press launch :)


Did you know that Imelda Marcos, who owns thousands of pairs of shoes, didn't own one pair of sneakers? TRUTH. Buy the book to read more! ;)


Sarah and Vicky at the press launch, explaining to the press the process of making the Unscripted book. Unscripted wouldn't be made possible without their publisher, Fullybooked's Jaime Daez, their layout artist Christian San Jose, and their producer, Louie Barretto (not in the picture).


With Co.Lab's Margaux Cortez, Arriane Serafico, Full Suite's Ariel Lim and myself.


Nix Pernia a.k.a. DJ NIXDAMNP provided for the awesome music that night, together with Eric Manuel on Sax. We also got a mixtape by Nixdamnp, who included some feel good music which The Dolls played before on air, and some snippets from their interviews. It's really a good treat!


Vicky Herrera and Sarah Meier. Vicky and Ruby Veridiano. :)


Future Supermodel Kaya Albano and Ford Supermodel Samantha Gomez.


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