Thursday, December 1, 2011

Serenitea, never promise what you can't Deliver

Serenitea Philippines has a branch in Robinsons Ermita Manila Padre Faura Wing. Ly and I were craving for milk tea. I wanted to have Gong Cha, but since she is not allowed to drink a lot of tea because of health reasons, we opted to get from Serenitea instead. And since we were too lazy to go to Robinsons Manila (Pedro Gil/Padre Faura) from the Department of Tourism (Kalaw), we just decided to call up Serenitea and asked for our drinks to be delivered.


Serenitea Robinsons Manila Delivery number: +632-4742725

I asked if they have a minimum order for delivery to Kalaw (DOT), and they said it was Php 350. No worries, since I asked some other people to order with us to complete the minimum delivery requirement of Serenitea.

I ordered for a large Serenitea Hokkaido Milk Tea, 25% sugar level, with pearls as add on, while Ly got a large Green Apple Yakult drink. I also ordered for ASec.LPJ and Sir Pat (large Hokkaido Milk Tea and large Wintermelon Milk Tea).


I asked how long it will take for them to deliver my orders, since Kalaw is just near Robinsons Manila. They initially said that it will take them an hour and thirty minutes (1 hr and 30 mins) for them to deliver, and I asked politely if they can do it in an hour (1 hr) instead. They agreed.

Right now, It's a few minutes past 3 o'clock PM, 2 hours after (and counting), and my Serenitea Milk Tea orders still haven't arrived. I called them to inquire where my milk tea orders are, and they said it's still there. They are still waiting for their riders, who are on their way back (according to them). I insisted that they promised to deliver the orders in an hour, and all what they can answer is that they'll deliver my orders right next.

I wonder what time will it arrive? I will update you once they do. I didn't expect the poor service from Serenitea. Sad :(

EDIT: As of 3:25 PM, Serenitea Milk Tea Delivery arrives! Better late than never? Still, it's no excuse to promise to deliver within an hour, then actually deliver 2 hour and 25 minutes later. I hope Serenitea fixes this. Good thing, your milk tea is good.


  1. I experienced the same lousy delivery service from their BF Homes ParaƱaque branch. I can't imagine why would it take them 3+hrs. to deliver our drinks. Serenitea admin. I hope you are reading this. Please scrap the delivery service if you can't deliver fast.

  2. Same experience today with serenity bf homes. they actually forgot that i ordered.



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