Sunday, November 13, 2011

MJ's Cafe Bar's Grilled Thin Pizza

I found out about MJ's Cafe Bar through Lost Tsinelas, when he accidentally met the ones who run the restaurant in Thailand recently. When they got back, he asked me if I wanted to try this pizza place near the office. We tried it out, and I fell instantly in love with their grilled thin pizza offerings, among others.

MJ's Cafe Bar, located along Roxas Boulevard (between Remedios St. and Pedro Gil St.), prides itself to have "Manila's Best Hand-Rolled Thin Pizza." I would have to agree that it is better than most of the pizza places which offer thin crust pizza, because not only does it have a good enough dough, but also it does offer alternative Pinoy pizza flavors, which will surely win your taste buds.

Hand-rolled Grilled Thin Pizza - 12-inch irresistible flavors of hand-rolled thin crust pizza, grilled perfectly to a crisp crust. Among the MJ's Signature Flavors, my favorite would be the Bistek Pizza, then the Tinapa and Red Egg Pizza, then the Sisig Pizza. Which one's your favorite?

Bistek Pizza (Php 300)
- Ground beef marinated overnight in MJ's special bistek mix, cooked and topped on their very own hand-rolled thin pizza dough. Those who love Tagalog Bistek will surely love this pizza even more. :)


Tinapa and Red Egg Pizza (Php 260) - Pizza for breakfast? Now possible and made even more exciting with this all-Filipino pizza, topped with tinapa (salted fish) flakes, tomatoes, and reg egg.

Sisig Pizza (Php 335) - MJ's signature pizza and a bestseller. A Filipino favorite transformed into the loved pizza, with the original sisig recipe that everyone enjoys.


MJ's Cafe Bar also offers The Classics, the pizza favorites and well sought after flavors. There are choices for everyone, even the vegetarians, cheese lovers, etc. Other pizza flavors include: Hawaiian Surprise (Php 235), Neopolitan (Php 260) and the New York Special (Php 285).

Veggie Splurge (Php 210) - Grilled thin pizza preferred by vegetarians and the health-conscious. With fresh slices of eggplant, zucchini and tomatoes, topped with mozzarella cheese.


Cheesy Garlic (Php 230)
- An all-time favorite and a real classic! This pizza comes with fresh bits of garlic topped with mozzarella cheese.

Besides the pizza offerings, MJ's Cafe Bar also offers original Filipino flair, with favorites such as the Crispy Pata (Php 450), marinated using a special mix of spices and seasoning and then deep-fried. This dish is really huge and worth it especially if you're eating with family and friends. They also have other Filipino favorites such as grilled tender barbecues, liempo, tuna belly, sizzling sisig, sinigang, etc.


Starting November 11, 2011 up to December 31, 2011, MJ's Cafe Bar will have Pasko Pinoy, Pizza Pinoy, wherein when you buy 1 of MJ's Signature Flavor thin crust pizza (Sisig Pizza, Tinapa & Red Egg Pizza or Bistek Pizza), you get 1 of the same FREE! This is valid for dine-in, take home and deliveries.

MJ's Cafe Bar
Baypark, Roxas Blvd. Service Road
Malate, Manila City
Delivery: Within a 2 km radius, with Php 40 fixed delivery charge.


  1. Hmm I browsed through the post but had to stop at the crispy pata, and drool... :)

    Thin crust pizzas are great as long as the toppings make it up for the lack of bread. I'm curious on their pizzas. Will try to visit them too.

  2. A nice take on pizza, with a Filipino twist! This i got to try! Price is affordable ha! Checked form OMF! Following you already! Hope you follow mine as well! Thanks!
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  3. Great shot on the cripsy pata. Too bad I wasn't able to enjoy it much because I was so full from the pizza and spaghetti.

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