Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hong Kong: Lok Yuen Beef Ball King 樂園牛丸大王

It was our first time in Hong Kong. Adi, my cousin, and I booked a Cebu Pacific Air promo flight out of Manila to Hong Kong last October 13, to see the sights, to take advantage of changing of the season SALE (which is/was happening over there), and to eat good food. Unfortunately, or fortunately, despite lacking time to roam around and see the touristy sights, we managed to do much of the latter.

The weather, I would say, is just the same as Manila's, but the sun is not really irritating because of all the high rise establishments and buildings all over the city which act as shade. It was the perfect weather to walk and explore Hong Kong, like how it should be.


Hong Kong is synonymous to good food and good bargains. We experienced those first hand, as we walked and walked, and walked all over Mongkok, Tsim Sha Tsui and Hong Kong Island in search for great discounts and bargains, and of course, great eats.

Upon arrival, we trooped to the bus station in search for our A21 bus that will lead us to MongKok for only (HK$33). It will be more expensive to take the airport train at (HK$100) so we opted for a cheaper alternative. It would be better if you get an Octopus Card, which you just top-up. You can use it to pay for MTR, Bus, Taxi or Tram fares. You can even use it to buy in a lot of shops.

We checked in our room at Ka Wut Villa, a modest and rundown inn, which is not that easy to find. In fairness though, the location is very ideal and perfect, right smack in the middle of MongKok, where you can easily navigate through the bargains. There are a lot of better accommodations, I am sure, but that is what we got for booking 2 weeks before our trip. On the bright side, we got an unforgettable, funny, and undeniably caring "auntie" landlady (best part of staying there I guess?).


With no time to lose, we headed out and see what we could find. Almost all the shops are closed or closing, so we identified which ones we are going to the next day. Hungry from walking, we retired at Lok Yuen, for a meal.

Lok Yuen Beef Ball King 樂園牛丸大王

We settled for a noodle shop to fill our tummies. Later did we find out that the restaurant is awarded, "One of The Best Restaurants in Hong Kong." :) We ordered the Wonton Noodles (HK$26) and the Beef Brisket Noodles (HK$26).

“We were the first to offer this and now everyone calls this dish the ‘Exploding Beef Balls’,” says the owner of Lok Yuen. Rumor has it, as I have read in the blogs, that their Beef and Fish Maw Balls inspired the scriptwriter of Stephen Chow's "The God of Cookery". Remember the "Exploding Beef Balls"? :) We should have tried their Beef Ball Noodles, I know. Now, I am getting hungry.


The noodle soup, wonton and beef are good, to satisfy our hunger that night. The place is very unpretentious. The prices are relatively cheap. It's easy to navigate through the menu. Remember to order the Beef and Fish Mew Balls, and you're all set for your first meal in Hong Kong. On to the next!




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