Monday, April 18, 2011

O'sonho Portuguese Restaurant

I knew of O'sonho, a Portuguese restaurant along Jupiter Avenue, Makati, from its opening a few years back when I was still an intern at the Board of Investments for my requirement for Public Administration. O'sonho stands for "Dreams" in Portuguese. With the owners love for food and their dream to have a restaurant, O'sonho was born. Last month, I met the brains behind the restaurant, its owner, 1/2 at least, the wife, Cris Barancik, who treated us to a sumptuous meal, O'sonho's bestsellers.

Calda Verde. A Portuguese national dish made with finely sliced kale leaves, potatoes, and sometimes with sausage.

Chorizo Sisig. O'sonho's take on the Filipino classic. I never imagined their homemade chorizo can go well and pass as a sisig dish. In fact, it tastes really good, a great alternative for those who want a new taste but equally yummy or even better.

Portuguese Chorizo. O'sonho's homemade chorizo, which was definitely the star of the night. It was really irresistible. This dish definitely can stand alone, with some drinks, or with hot steamed rice. Yummy!

Peri-Peri Chicken Pasta. Tender juicy boneless chicken, marinated with their spicy peri-peri sauce, on top of a pesto sun-dried tomatoes pasta.

Peri-Peri sauce. This sauce is a a perfect spicy sauce that goes well with practically anything, if you're a chili lover, or if you love your food hot and spicy. Definitely my favorite!

O'sonho's Salmon. Two large strips of salmon, with savory sauce of soybean paste, served with herb rice.

Fish Fillet in Saffron Broth. Another great dish which balances the tastes, with the melt in your mouth fish fillet.

Tarragon Tea. Made with real Tarragon leaves and hot water combined.

Tres Leches. 3 kinds of milk in one awesome chilled dessert.

Java Toblerone Mousse. Chocolate heaven, made with layers of chocolate.

Sorvete Frito. As the name means, it's fried ice cream. It's ice cream inside a bread-like covering topped with mango syrup.

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