Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Va Bene Pasta Deli using Quick Delivery

There’s a good pasta place in Dasmarinas, Makati, and it’s called Va Bene Pasta Deli. It’s a new addition to the growing number of restaurants offering take out through Quick Delivery 2121212 service. I decided to try the place out, and fortunately for me it didn’t disappoint.

Since it was in Makati and my office is in Manila, it took them 90 minutes to deliver my order, which for me, was not a big deal that day because I was not hurrying with my food. I ordered 2 kinds of pasta, and a watermelon shake.

The pastas were great! The watermelon shake, as expected became a juice, but it was yummy nonetheless.


One of their bestsellers, the Chicken Cannelloni – Filled with chicken, tomato, béchamel sauce and mozzarella cheese.


Tagliolini All Uovo Boscaiola – Portobello mushrooms and cream sauce with a touch of truffle oil. This is if my favorite. The mix of the mushrooms, the cream sauce and a hint of the truffle oil was heavenly.


Watermelon Shake - The watermelon shake was fresh, though it arrived as juice already. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the drink.


I asked my coworkers to try the pasta to get their feel on the taste of the food. They both liked it, though each one had their preferred pasta. I would love to try out and dine in Va Bene Pasta Deli one of these days.


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