Friday, January 7, 2011

Calamansi Muffin of Real Coffee and Tea Cafe Boracay

Real Coffee & Tea Cafe Boracay is one of the places you SHOULD visit when you are visiting the beautiful island paradise of Boracay in Aklan. It's "where great minds meet," as their tag-line claims. But for me, Real Coffee and Tea Cafe Boracay is where the world famous yummy calamansi muffins are found. Both foreign and local tourists visit them to try out their home-style American all-day breakfast menu and cooking and, of course, their freshly baked muffins, cookies, brownies, and coffee.
Real Coffee Signage

It's a cozy bahay kubo stlye cafe located in between Free Willy Dive Shop and Hawaiian BBQ in Boracay's Boat Station 1. Real Coffee and Tea Cafe Boracay was there since 1996. It's owned and managed by an American, Lee Rosaia, who fell in love with the island paradise of Boracay Philippines, and now settled in where she calls her second home. Coming from Station 2, you would see these signs that would indicate you are really near Real Coffee & Tea Cafe.

Real Coffee & Tea Cafe SignReal Coffee MarkerDSC_7030

I instantly fell in love with Real Coffee and Tea Cafe Boracay's Famous Calamansi Muffins, which sell at Php 45 a piece. The texture, consistency and taste is just right for my taste buds.

Real Coffee Calamansi Muffins

A good partner of the calamansi muffins is their coffee, or the house special Real Coffee, which is basically the brewed coffee with extra shot/s of espresso.

Real Coffee Brewed Coffee

It's best if you go there early because the place gets crowded during the day and in the afternoons. Well, since you're already there, you should also try out their Omelette. I am not sure what the name of this omelette dish is, but if you can describe it, it's definitely positively worth trying.

Real Coffee Omelette

If you want to bring home their world famous calamansi muffin to your family and friends as pasalubong or gift, you should pre-order a day before to make sure that it is available. Freshly baked calamansi muffins are the bomb, I tell you! :)

Calamansi Muffin PasalubongReal Coffee Calamansi Muffin

I just can't get enough of Real Coffee and Tea Cafe Boracay's Calamansi Muffin! Tell me if you're going to Boracay real soon, so that I can, maybe, probably, ask if you can bring me home a box or two of the calamansi muffins. :)

Bloggers at Real Coffee Boracay
Bloggers Stephanie (Fran's Sister), Ryan, Frannywanny, myself, and Melo, enjoying Real Coffee and Tea Cafe Boracay.


  1. that kalamansi muffin is intriguing, so does it taste like kalamansi?

  2. It tastes somewhat like lemon squares. It's not for everyone, but I love it, really! You should try it :)

  3. I'd rather actually visit the Japanese restaurant haha

  4. @Raein: You're biased! :)))) Which Japanese restaurant?

  5. Bora foods are enticing my apetite. My weight increased 5 punds when I got there because I eat lot of foods there.

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