Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sincerity Chicken at Binondo Manila

Sincerity Chicken located at 497 Yuchengco St. (formerly Nueva St.) in Binondo Manila is said to be undoubtedly the best chicken in town, serving its customers for more than 50 years now. It boasts of its homemade Sincerity Fried Chicken which stands out because of its juicy and tasty skin and meat. It reminds me greatly of the fried chicken our cook used to make when I was a kid; but this version, is way better than that. You need not add ketchup or anything to go with it. Pair the chicken with rice and you have a great meal in front of you.


Another thing I would suggest you try is their Kikiam. Que-kiam, or locally known as Kikiam to many Filipinos, is another popular Chinese dish adopted into our cuisine. It is made with ground pork and different vegetables wrapped in bean curd sheets and fried to golden brown.


They have a similar restaurant with a different name located at 213-A V. Ibanez St., cor. J. Abad Santos in Little Baguio, San Juan. It’s called Wu Xiang, and it has the same exact menu of Sincerity Chicken.


  1. Haven't tried their kikiam, but I SINCERELY love their chicken!

  2. What else have you tried that you SINCERELY like/love? :))

  3. Sincerity's oyster cake and duck misua are as remarkable as their chicken. And I agree, the kikiam too. :)

  4. Your post made me SINCERELY hungry. :( I'll have to visit them soon!



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