Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The best has yet to come - DOT, Food and Friends

There have been a lot of things that happened in the past week, and my life in the Department of Tourism. This post is sort of a photo dump of those significant moments in my past week (mostly). First was the confirmation of Secretary Lim by the powerful Commission on Appointments, which was held in the Senate of the Philippines. I was asked to cover and take down notes of his interviews. He was confirmed. Thankfully :)


We had an after-confirmation meryenda at Luk Foo across the Duty Free, care of its general manager, Michael Kho. With us were representatives from the tourism industry, DOT officials, family and some friends of the Secretary.


I had to post this photo because I instantly feel in love with it. I had more than 5 glasses of this during the meryenda! :)) It's French. It's sparkling. But it's half the price, which is good. This bottle is the Barton & Gustier Depuis 1725 Sparkling Rose Dry Cuvée Reservée which is priced at $15.50 in the Duty Free.


The food (dimsum) which was served to us. We had lechon skin wrap, siomai, hakaw, pansit and an eggplant-shrimp dumpling which was so surprisingly tasty. Everyone was happy after eating :)


The night after, I went a Christmas party held at Ginzadon at Resorts World in Pasay with Lasallians who adopted me as part of their barkada or group already <3 The food wasn't that good (it was also really expensive), but what is important is the company, which I can say is one of the best! :) I grew and fell in love with this group of lovely people whom I now call as close friends. :) Cheers IMG_1799

We had Salmon Sashimi, Tuna Sushi, and Korean Bimbimbap. It was way expensive. The Salmon was good, the Tuna Sushi was okay. The Bimbimbap wasn't good. Sadly.


Last but not the least, I was surprised to see two of my favorite people visiting me some time ago (I forgot when this was taken, but I am sure it was last week) in my office. Sheena works for TIEZA, she works in the same building, only her office is in the 6th floor. Yuri works in RMAF, which is at some few streets near my office. Great to have wonderful people near you. Positive energy, good vibes! HUGS!



  1. I recognize Sheena's outfit. That pic was taken the day I saw you three at Serenitea! XD

  2. Ah really? :)) can't remember :P



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