Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thai Food Mango Tree Bistro at Trinoma

More or less a month ago, my uncle Martin invited me to try out this restaurant his classmate manages or owns. Apparently, he was hitting two birds with one stone. He was also meeting there the Smart Infinity manager because of his account, which I am in no liberty to discuss. The restaurant is called Mango Tree Bistro, and it opened mid-October on the space right beside Powerbooks at the 3rd floor of Trinoma Mall in Quezon City. This restaurant comes from the famous brand Thai Mango Bistro, which is also present in countries all over the world.

Since I didn't know what's good, and he's treating us, I let him order. He ordered these (see photos below). I forgot the names of the dishes we ate, but I am confident in saying that the Pad Thai, the shrimp dish and the chicken were really good. You can taste and spices and the flavors, which are pleasing to the palate.
Pad Thai
Seafood Tom Yum Soup
Shrimp Dish (I forgot the name of this dish, but the shrimps are delicious!)
Chicken wrapped in Pandan Leaves
One whole fish, which I didn't quite enjoy because of the bones
The dessert however was the winner! The mangoes were fresh and sweet, the glutinous rice paired with it was just a perfect match!


  1. I haven't seen this yet...Ma-try nga minsan.

  2. the fish doesn't look appealing, the dessert is INTRIGUING with all caps, hehe.

  3. Peachkins: Try it! :)

    Kitten: Well it's not :)) The dessert I LOVE! :) hehe

  4. I haven't tried any Thai food yet, but I'm already listing restaurants recommended by fellow bloggers. I just added Mango Tree Bistro.

    The Pad Thai and the dessert really looks delish! Would definitely try them :)

  5. I super duper like thai food. .nicest ambiance, good taste! HOLY YUM:)

  6. how much would bethe budget to eat here :P

  7. Pad Thai tastes good! You also have an option to customise it according to your preference. If you want to sweeten it a bit or to enhance its flavour, you are given the liberty to do so. ;) I might be doing a review of Mango Tree Bistro once I get the photos I need. :)

  8. Will eat there later :D the Pad Thai looks delicious! thanks for the review!

  9. what's the food price range?

  10. super yummy authentic Thai food! :)



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