Thursday, November 25, 2010

Café Xocolat with Quick Delivery service

Café Xocolat, or Xocolat to many, is a café restaurant, which seeks to pave the way for hot chocolate to be enjoyed by Xocoholics “in all its glorious forms and flavors.” It prides itself for its hot chocolate drinks, and chocolate inspired dishes. Its 3 branches are located in Loyola Heights Quezon City, Promenade Greenhills San Juan and Center Courtyard Eastwood.

Recently, I tried Quick Delivery’s we deliver “Two Any One” delivery service to order lunch. They promise to deliver the “best-of-the-best food and drink choices, fresh and tasty food from any of our restaurants at the time we say it will arrive, from 10:00AM to 10:00PM (Mon-Thurs) and 10:00AM to 10:30PM (Fri-Sun), within Metro Manila area.” With that, I decided to try it, and get my lunch from the home of one of the best hot chocolate in Manila, Xocolat.
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Delivery Service

I dialed “2121212,” and was greeted by a cheerful customer service agent of QD. I placed my order at exactly 10:15 AM, expecting that it arrive by lunch, considering my area (TM Kalaw, Manila) is outside the delivery service area* of Xocolat. At first, my order was supposed to come from Greenhills, but it was later transferred to Loyola Heights Quezon City because the food I ordered weren’t available in San Juan.

Unfortunately, after a few minutes, the customer service agent called me on my mobile phone, and apologized because Xocolat will still open at 11:00 AM, and my order would not be processed until then. I said it was okay. They assured me that my order would arrive anytime from 12:30pm to 1:00pm.

At around 12:30pm, I called the customer service agent using my mobile phone. They assured me that they would contact me once they reach the rider/driver. My order was transferred to another rider in Makati. My order arrived 1:22pm, and the rider was apologizing for the delay. I guess they still have to master time management in the orders so that it will surely arrive on time.

Xocolat Food Order

I asked the Quick Delivery customer service agent what are the bestsellers of Xocolat. She gave a list of food items, and I picked those I wanted to try. Since I wanted to treat my 2 friends for lunch, I ordered food good for 3. The food that I got were:

Spiced Xocolat Chicken with rice and potato gratin (Php 195)

Pork Belly with Cacao-bagoong sauce (Php 185)

Xocolat Chicken Pasta (Php 175)

Flourless Xocolat Cake (Php 125/ slice)

That Xocolat Cake (Php 95/ slice)

It was my second time to try out Xocolat, and this time around fell short of my high expectations. The first time was great because I got to try out their signature hot chocolate drinks. Don’t’ get me wrong. We enjoyed their food this time, especially the cakes, but we found that the main course can still be improved.

The Xocolat Chicken Pasta was the main star of the course. The Spiced Xocolat Chicken with rice and potato gratin was second, and the Pork Belly with Cacao-bagoong sauce fell to the third slot because of its safe and very common taste. I guess one thing that affected our experience was maybe because we had a poor choice of food delivered.


The total bill was Php 929.75 (Php 775 for the food + Php 85 for the charge for service outside delivery area of the restaurant + Php 69.75 for the 9% additional charge on the food ordered.)

It was my first time using Quick Delivery and I still think it’s an innovative and great way to enjoy your favorite food items anywhere you are in the Metro. I will have to try it out again very soon, and assess better if I have a second experience to compare it to.

*If your area is outside the delivery area, you have to pay an extra Php 85.


  1. It's quite expensive but WAO! Delicioso!

  2. haven't tried Xocolat's main courses,only their desserts...

  3. this is good site

  4. I've read of this service. Good thing you featured it. :) Im gonna try it one of these days.



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