Monday, November 29, 2010

1950's Pandesal, Pan de Amerikana Bakery and Restaurant

Pan de Amerikano 1950's Pan de Sal

We were driving along White Plains Avenue to Katipunan, when my family suddenly pointed out this really catchy upside down house with an inverted car on top of the structure. Apparently, this is the gimmick of Pan de Amerikana Bakery and Restaurant (1950's Pandesal) which is set to open early next month (or is it opened already?). The bakery had its original structure on the other side of the road which was near their new location right now. Check it out if you're passing by the area. I'm sure you'll notice it. :)

Taken from the restaurant's website:
Pan de Amerikana restaurant Katipunan, Quezon City branch is a themed restaurant featuring an upside down full size Land Rover 4x4 defender 90 with working lights. The interior boasts of a photo gallery and off roading video presentations and focuses on 4x4 countryside motif. Pan de Amerikana, which is known for its first chess themed restaurant in Marikina, aims to take part in the Department of Tourism mission of developing interesting spots for local and international recognition thereby attracting more investments and revenues through Philippine tourism.


  1. artistic in an amazing but weird way!

  2. hello brian! hope you can give more landmarks near pan de amerikana-katipunan branch.. :) thanks!
    cant find it in google map kasi..thanks alot!

  3. @lou: yeah! i have yet to try their food, but they said it's good

    @Anon: from katipunan, you take the fly over. do not take the underpass to eastwood/libis. you take the road above. it's around 100-200 meters after the stoplight, to your right. It's near/ in front of divine desserts. hope it helped

  4. one must not pass this place when drunk or at night.. baka isipin nila minumulto sila dahil baliktad :)) Kidding aside, this place looks quite unique!!! Will definitely try it once it opens ;)

  5. they're open already.

  6. food is great and very reasonable

  7. i've been there :) haha awesome! nice place with affordable meals :)

  8. WORST SERVICE EVER. Ate here once, had take out 2x. Each time, service took so loooong! And the staff aren't friendly pa, parang they are unapologetic about how slow they are... which makes waiting suck even more

    1. I've read your review/comment a month after you posted yours. Then I happened to be in the area earlier today. Had callos & rice plus a serving of mango juice. What you said is the exact opposite of what I experienced. Maybe you were high & tried to sit on the chairs on the ceiling, even try to drive away the Land Rover. Tsk, tsk.

  9. Try it again Hazelle!

  10. I will see whats in there!



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