Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ang Presidente at Bise-Presidente Ko, says Senator Chiz Escudero

Finally, I got a hold of the new TV advertisements, "Ang Presidente Ko" and "Ang Bise-Presidente Ko", of Senator Francis Chiz Escudero for Senator Noynoy Aquino of the Liberal Party and Makati Mayor Jojo Binay of PDP-Laban. He is endorsing a Noy-Bi tandem for the 2010 Elections for President and Vice-President respectively. These ads, I believe will air tomorrow or today in the airwaves. Here are the official first/almost-exclusive post of the ads.

Videos courtesy of iCatcher Productions of Ms. Bibeth Orteza


  1. the power and magic of "Escudero endorsements" made opponent's knees to melt down and shake..accept it or not! that is how he is being regarded as the second best endorser next to the "church" as attested to by the most popular surveys in the land! so those who are saying "they have already established something" may find themselves in dismay, for nobody knows what tomorrow brings, everything is variable! meantime, witness with your very own eyes how Chiz'magic and prowess work...!

  2. kung may magic talaga sya,bakit naduwag syang tumakbong president?

  3. it doesn't mean na umurong si Escudero sa pag takbo bilang presidente would make him coward or what.. He stands for his principles kaya siya umurong.. if i am not mistaken and as far as I can remember, it's his 'principles' thingy and some reasons pa kaya siya umurong..

  4. May B din ang bise presidente ko pero yung presidente ko... undecided pa ko.

  5. why did he remove the wangwang for cars? even if the police commisioned officers cannot use it?



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