Sunday, March 21, 2010

Susan Ople, Adel Tamano and Gilbert Remulla visit UP Diliman

I had the chance to follow Nationalista Party (NP) senatorial candidates Susan Ople (Estelle), Adel Tamano and Gilbert Remulla as they went around UP Diliman the other day. I had the privilege to ask them this question. “Why did you choose UP as one of your stops in the campaign and what can you say to all of the UP students?” You can read more about their campaign in UP on my article in Blogwatch.

Adel Tamano says that, “UP is special. The best and the brightest come here. My wife is a graduate of UP, which shows you how high and esteem I hold UP. It is important that before the students participate in the mock elections that we go to them. My message wasn’t vote for me. I came here to tell them to choose the best. Just like in UP, you don’t choose the most popular or the one who was a former UP student when you choose the students who will enter [the school, instead] they choose the best.”

“That’s the message I want the UP students to have – that they learn about all the candidates. I hope that they also learn about me, what my accomplishments are, what my track record is, so that they could choose. I am not saying that I am the best, but though I am saying is that let’s choose the best. I think we have had enough of Lito Lapid’s and Bong Revilla’s in our Senate, it’s time that we choose the best,” he stresses.


On the other hand, Gilbert Remulla, through his media officer Gelo Villar says, “Of course, it’s his Alma Matter. He has a sense of loyalty to UP, and also since he values education the most. The campaign is a way to give back the scholarship of a UP education to the taxpayers who paid for his studies. If he wins as Senator, he will be able to repay them with public service.”


His message to the UP students is to “make the most out of your stay, be active and vigilant to social issues around. It’s not all about studying, but to also to finish on time to give other worthy scholars a chance to have a UP education,” he says.

Susan Ople, through her daughter, said, "We chose UP as one of our stops because we believe the youth have the capability and desire to change Philippine politics for the better. We appeal to all voters, UP students or otherwise, to vote wisely. Look beyond celebrity and established names. New politics requires new names and faces in the Senate. So look at the new names more closely. Don't rely solely on media and ads. Google your candidates and share what you find out to fellow voters. If we do that, there is a better chance of us obtaining the change we deserve."


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