Saturday, February 13, 2010

UP FAIR: Yesthursday

Third day into the UP fair, it was the most attended night so far (I don't know if Friday trumped Thursday though). It was so jam-packed with people (thankfully not by JJs or "orcs" as the hosts calls them). Yesthursday required the bands to play 90s music, which was cool, for me at least. It was a pleasant break from the loud-bordering-metal sounds that were played two days before. Congratulations to the Circle of Entrepreneurs, and UP Adcore, for such a successful memorable night.


One of the surprises during the performances is the band called Alamid. I only knew of them that night because of their crowd-hit 90's song from the famous Filipino-morning-kid-show Batibot. I was a Batibot kid, but I totally forgot the episodes. They say that Batibot's the Filipinized version of Sesame Street. :) Anyway, they performed the Batibot song, and gave it their own just watch this to see and hear what I mean! XD

I saw Chris Ng touring the Koreans around the fair grounds. He had this Korean characters tattooed on his arms. I forgot what it meant. Do you know what it means? Also, to the right is the crowd (taken from the backstage) and Sheena, who's one of the USC people in charge of the programs, tired and resting (behind her are very loud speakers). :p

up fair crowdsheena backstage

This is a once in a blue-moon opportunity to take group pics, so we grabbed it, and shot this. Dhadi, Me, Jan, Sheena, Titus, Raymund, Gino, Ching, Barbie, and of course, Lee at the background! :3 \m/

usc <3

The controversial gang? Hahaha! Bam, Luis, Jovan and I, shot by Aubrey :)

bam, luis, jovan, bong

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