Friday, February 19, 2010

I love Yoshinoya, Japan's #1 Beef Bowl


Yoshinoya dates back to 1899 at Nihonbashi, Tokyo where a Japanese man named Eikichi Matsuda created a delicious recipe of beef and rice known as Gyudon beef bowl. This recipe became popular worldwide and sparked the expansion of Yoshinoya in over 1,000 outlets in Japan, US, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and the Philippines.

In the Philippines, it was franchised by Century Pacific Inc., makers of Century Tuna, in 2001. To date, it has 7 branches, serving quality authentic Japanese fast food, in Metro Manila. Yoshinoya is available at Parksquare 1, SM Megamall, Robinsons Galleria, SM North EDSA, Greenhills, SM Mall of Asia and Sta. Lucia.

Why I LOVE Yoshinoya


Yoshinoya, unlike any other Japanese fast food restaurant, serves the best beef, which is simmered in a special broth of herbs and spices. Once it has reached your bowl or plate, and is on top of steaming white rice, you'll forget you're in the Philippines. A lot of people claims it tastes exactly like the Yoshinoya in Japan.

The photo above is the JUMBO-C (Gyudon + Ebi Tempura). The beef is so soft and tender and very juicy. You don't need anything to compliment its taste. It may look dry and bland, but wait until you've tried it. You'll surely love every bite. The Ebi Tempura was awesome as well. :)


Some of the other dishes you may want to order in Yoshinoya: Japanese Fried Chicken (Php 80), it was like any other normal fried chicken, maybe the least Japanese-y of them all; Mixed Tempura (Php 125); Chicken Teriyaki, which comes in regular (Php 90) and large (Php 125) - said to be the healthiest option in Yoshinoya; and the Shiitake Shu Mai and the Kani Shu Mai (Php 50) - the Shiitake is love. 'Nuff Said.


Jumbo Plates at Php 165: JUMBO-A (Gyudon + Chicken Teriyaki); JUMBO-B (Gyudon + Beef Yakiniku); and JUMBO-C (Gyudon + Ebi Tempura)


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*VALID - meaning you blogged and answered the question, you linked this post, you commented below by putting the link to your post and your email/means for me to contact you, and you're from MEGA MANILA.

PRIZE = Php 500 worth of Yoshinoya Gift Certificate



  1. Wow nice! I'll promote to my network. :D

  2. the last time I tried Yoshinoya was way back in my highschool days but I think their price is reasonable for the good serving and taste of the food.. mas malasa compared to Tokyo Tokyo

  3. @Aaron: Definitely mas malasa! :D
    @Jeff: Thanks! :D

  4. Hello Mr. Bong,

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  5. Hi Sir Bong,
    There has never been a week without my family passing by the nearest YOSHINOYA restaurant around. We love YOSHINOYA, JAPAN'S #1 BEEF BOWL simply because of how the beef is cooked. Even in HongKong and Shanghai whenever we see yoshinoya my daughter would always say na "mama yes there's yoshinoya" she is sure of being able to eat the food that is suited for her tastebuds. I myself have been a follower of any Japanese restaurants around Metro Manila and it is true that Yoshinoya beef is the best cost effective and quality wise. Thank you and I hope to be able to see more contests with you.

    Name: Catherine Cua-Gensolin
    E-mail Address:

  6. wow, this is really nice, So sad that i am from Naga City but i will promote this in my site too.
    I am also having a blogging contest, hope you can join too.

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  9. Good afternoon Bong! Please check this link re: Why I Love Yoshinoya contest

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  11. Hi! Thank you for this contest. I enjoyed writing my blog.

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    now i'm missing my beef bowl

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    Michelle Aleli Villestas

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  17. and why do these people hate yoshinoya???? read the story:

  18. oh common! drop it yoshinoya.. syempre may sasali sa contest nyo.. gift check yan eh, bakit nga naman ba hindi sila sasali.. wala ng way para mabura nyo yung napakasamang pagtrato na ginawa nyo sa mga kaibigan ko... alam nyo, kahit pa kayo halimbawa ang pinakamasarap na pagkain sa buong daigdig kung ang mga staff nyo naman eh puro bastos at hindi marunong ng tamang pakikipagkapwa tao lalo na at customers yun, wala pa din.. sorry sa mga yoshinoya fans, pero yung ginawa nila is talagang hindi tama... di na dapat aabot sa ganito kung sana eh natrained lang sila ng ayos.. wala na sanang kaso na sinampa sa kanila.. yung ibang mga staffs sa ibang branch nadadamay.. yung sa MOA talaga yung grabeng bastos.. kaya sana lang wag nyong bulagin ang mga tao ng pera, papremyo para mapagtakpan ang inyong masamang imahe.. masyado nyong ginagamit ang kahirapan ng buhay para magpacontest dito pa sa blog... dahil nathreatened kayo na kumakalat na yung blog ng kaibigan ko tungkol sa ginawa nyo sakanila?.. kung oo, dapat lang, dahil gagawin namin lahat para maipaalam sa tao ang pagiging unprofessional ng staff nyo sa MOA..

  19. @Anonymous: This is not Yoshinoya's contest, nor did they are purposely giving away gift certificates to cover whatever you are "claiming" allegedly. They gave me some as a token, and I decided to give it away to my readers through this contest. Please settle your claims and differences through the proper forums and not here in my blog. Thanks!

  20. I almost forgot to post my entry here. It's been days na.hehehe. Anyhow, here's mine:

    I hope you guys like it! :D

    Lowell Aguirre

  21. @ Sir Bong,

    Paano po kayo nagka GC from Yoshinoya? What did you do po that they gave you GC for tokens?

    -- Tokyo Tokyo Management

  22. @Bong

    Kami din ni michi sasali hehe. Thanks.
    Goodluck sa thesis.

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  24. The COMMENT SECTION is closed for entries. Thanks!

  25. better if there's a branch here in cebu so that we cebuanos can taste sa malasang pagkain...

  26. Wow... love Yoshinoya! missing ebitempura and gyudon!



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