Monday, January 18, 2010

UPCAT results and passers online

Congratulations to all who passed the University of the Philippines College Admissions Test (UPCAT). Formally, I would like to welcome all the new Iskolars ng Bayan! Nawa'y mapaglingkuran ninyo ang sambayanang Pilipinas ng buong puso't talino. Tunay na kayong matatalino't matatapang ang dapat maaasahan na ng bayan! :D (Photos to prove you passed - I took them a while ago - though they're not that complete, and I blame all the people who were looking at the OUR) (UPCAT RESULT SITE)

N.B. Oblation Scholars list has yet to be released, so you can still cross your fingers ;)
Edit: DPWS or Degree Program With available Slots means that you passed UPCAT but you didn't get in the first 2 choices of course you originally picked. UP will send you a form where you will have to fill out with 3 new course-choices, according to preference, you would want to be enrolled in. You cannot choose the first 2 course-choice you originally picked.


  1. WHOAH!!! I went there too. The place was jam-packed with freshie aspirants. Hope to meet them this coming academic year. haha. Welcome new Isko and Iska!

  2. @joshua0011: yeah.. grabe no!? haha :D

  3. Thanks for sharing, Really good article.



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