Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thai Coca-Cola Can Design


Happiness Factory - Coke can design from Thailand from my uncle. Thanks! :D I have more than 60 Coca-Cola cans from all over the world in my collection. Thank you to everyone who have contributed to it! XD


  1. WHOA! That many? :)) Galing! I LOVE COCA-COLA SO MUCH that it's my default order for drinks in any establishment. =))))

  2. kewl! post the other designs. jk. but if u do, thatll be great!

  3. Wow Brian. That is an interesting collection. Hope you can share your gallery.

    Happy New Year!

  4. @Lorenz: Yeah! :P I love the designs and anything Coke, but I don't really like drinking it HAHAHA! :P I'll prolly post the other cans when I get the time to have a decent photo shoot.

    @jhoenkid: yeah! will do! :D i'm excited to share them!

    @Tita Janette: Thanks! :) I will! :D Happy New Year! :D

  5. Nice pictures. Would be cool if you showed all 60. That's a lot of designs!

  6. wooooow. i used to collect coke stuff when i was a kid. ;-)

    In 2008, (i actually typed in last year lol) during the AmCham Philippines' BOP week, Coke actually gave out a 1900s original Coke bottle to the student who can guess what year coke started in the Philippines. i missed the answer by one year! haha



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