Wednesday, January 6, 2010



Ever since, I really wanted to have those shirts you see on manikins during SALES in different stores. One time, I even asked (Marks & Spencer if my memory serves me right) if it was for sale, unfortunately, it wasn't. Not until recently, my brother, bought this shirt from Transfer It. I love it! XD
Picture 5

Katrina Encanto from the Philippines (a kababayan) joined this contest "INSPIRATION Cannes Liones International Advertising Festival*," one of the most prominent festivals for advertising creative content. Her design entry (above) rocks, and for me, it deserves our votes (you can vote for her design here). Help her go through the next round. You can repost/reblog about this. Thanks!
*With its 56-year history, Cannes Liones has transmitted various key values to the advertising industry. Cannes Liones International Advertising Festival that developed as a venue to judge advertising ideas from around the world will select as the UT Cannes Liones Grand Prix 2010 T-shirt design one of the various values that can be said to be the Cannes brand. In that way, we would like to educe diverse ideas. This is what we see as "inspiration".

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