Monday, January 25, 2010

Philippine Senate Comedy Controversies: Mar Roxas and Nene Pimentel

The Senate of the Philippines is increasingly getting very politicized as the May 2010 Presidential Elections nears. Senators are once again starting to be at the center of controversies, comedy, and circus sessions, which they are in no position to be since session will end in a few days. Election season, though unofficially in COMELEC's calendars, has definitely started!

Senator Aquilino Nene Pimentel
ROXAS: I have no insertion on any matter. In fact, I have no insertion, period because we were in the minority. Let alone an insertion for a road to pass through any such property.

PIMENTEL: Well, I’m sure that after your marriage you’ve had some insertions…

ROXAS: Mr. President, I demand that that be removed from the record. That is an affront on my wife!

PIMENTEL: Mr. President, I remove it immediately.

Now you wouldn't wonder why sooner (or maybe later), Senators will be needing boxing gloves and that the Senate of the Philippines will already have a boxing ring? Maybe then, Manny Pacquiao can run for the Senate already?

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  1. suske, disappointing to hear such kind of joke from nene pimentel whom i consider one of the few who gave senate its dignity.



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