Sunday, November 29, 2009

Nicanor Perlas, the Presidentiable


Just recently, at the recently concluded second wave of “HER TIME IS UP: 2010 Election Forum” held at the UP College of Law by KAISA and several student councils in UP Diliman, I had the chance to interview and listen to what Mr. Nicanor Perlas has to say on the Maguindanao Massacre. Here's his video interview c/o Noemi Dado and

In choosing someone to succeed President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in 2010, one must take into serious consideration what the candidate has planned, his vision, and how he or she will run the country.

In the forum, he laid out his vision and 6 pillars to spell out his platform (which you can browse at the link provided below).
  • Erradicate Poverty and Enhance Quality of Life
  • Advance Moral and Effective Governance
  • Uphold the Integrity of Creation
  • Build Partnerships for Social Justice
  • Promote Creative Education and Inner Change
  • Mainstream Visionary Initiatives
It is good to note that Mr. Nick Perlas is the first to have released a concrete platform of government for his bid for the Presidency of the land.


To be honest, I like his ideas, his vision, his will and courage to take the road less traveled by. Certainly, he says, it would be hard for him to win. He has too little following compared to seasoned politicians, and those who are already in the limelight. He has much less financial support as compared to others. So what are the chances he'll win?

In our elite democracy, where money, power and fame dictate societal norms, one could dare but only imagine how he'd penetrate the system. Let's see if Mr. Nicanor Perlas can do it. I like what he wrote in his site, "The Trap of Traditional Notions of Winnability," and he says, "The good news is that there is a tremendous burst of initiatives in the Philippines trying to reclaim authentic democracy in the national elections of 2010. The bad news is that the would-be bearers of change politics are still stuck with the thinking of the old politics. Nowhere is this more evident than in their concept of “winnability”. To win in 2010 means, for them, to have, from the beginning, name recognition, political machinery, financial and other resources, and endorsements."


He continues in "Winning An Election the Non-Traditional Way", and this is the point, "One of the tasks of new innovative politics is to reframe old notions of winnability and not to remain trapped into letting old winnability concepts dictate the future of new politics." In a truly democratic country, everyone has the chance to be President. But with the unequal field politics is being played in, I doubt if that's the case.


  1. What does Mr. Perlas mean by 'Uphold the Integrity of Creation'?

    I perused the link to his website and found the bullet to that rather vague.

  2. go to this link it goes to the 24-page platform that spells how out he will implement the 6 pillars of his platform.

  3. @juan: Thanks for the link, though I think your link is just about the same as Bong's (just a bit more thorough). It's rather odd that Mr. Perlas would use 'creation' though--maybe a Captain Planet alliteration?

    I find this whole thing appalling though. As skimming through the 'platform' revealed that it's just a basic run-down of what the government is supposed to do. Common-sensical and not much else.

    Just goes to show what with the other 'presidentiables' are (since everyone's saying that Mr. Perlas' 'platform is unique and will save our souls or something of that sort) and how the government is (considering that 'platforms' are supposed to contain new agendas and goals).

    Forgive any errors on the above body; I just rushed the comment.

  4. @Jethro: If governance was supposed to be "common-sensical" then how come there has not been a government that showed any common sense? And, you find it "appalling" that his platform needs only common sense?

    What is "appalling" to me is Traditional Politics and people who continue to buy into it, and promote it. What is "appalling" is how the Filipino people allow this kind of system to perpetuate, the blatant use of power to oppress others, using money and popularity to get (or take) that power, and make fools out of an obviously intelligent populace.

    So, how many times have you read the platform? I mean, thoroughly read and not rush or skim it? Because, common sense me found it creative and containing new ideas of doing things. And what is more amazing, is that the complex problems we face right now can in fact be solved simply by understanding what Mr. Perlas outlined in his platform, of course implemented by people of Integrity and Compassion, such as himself. And if you really read it, you'll also realize that his ideas are not only common sense, they make sense.

    Upholding the Integrity of Creation is really simple -- you don't go around killing, taking, or abusing any and all forms of creation.

    I suggest, you do more research on Nicanor Perlas, his platform, his ideas on New Politics and his vision of a New Philippines. But, don't rush into it because changing this country is not about rushing or skimming's about GENUINE CHANGE in all of us, and it really takes time.

  5. It is really hard to appreciate someone that we do not know thoroughly. What we will do is actually say that he is not proposing anything new and some will find his every mistake so that he can be discredited.

    This is what is happening with Nick Perlas. He has a genuine vision for our country but there are those who want to see his mistake and blow it into proportions. He is the only candidate which offers systemic change and which really cares for the environment and the ingenuity and innovation of our people.

    Panahon na para sa pagbabago! Ito ang dahilan kaya iboboto ko si Nicanor Perlas.

  6. @nex: Good points.

    Some answers.
    I blame the sore lacking of enough amounts of common sense on the part of the current and past governments.
    That, or a different logic from mine.
    I'm not saying mine is better than theirs; I'm saying we think and see things differently.

    And no, I did not 'find it "appalling" that his platform needs only common sense'.
    I found it appalling that previous governments haven't though of these things.
    (following the train that Mr. Perlas is introducing a new brand/take on current politics)

    If you would look at my first comment again, I said 'skimming through', by this I meant I skimmed through it once. I have not read it thoroughly, I have only skimmed through it once. I plan to read it thoroughly soon. I intentionally said that I 'skimming through' it to inform whoever read my comment that my comment was taken form a mere glance, and not a good, full analysis of Mr. Perlas' platform.

    I did not say my word was final or anything; rather, it was a 'first impression' and nothing more.

    On common sense.
    I know it makes sense.
    Common sense is supposed to make sense.
    Again, by saying the platform was simply common sense, I was not detracting from the platform in any way. I apologise if I seemed that way. I neither meant that the task of the presidency was simpleton, rather, simple and basic in theory, but as you said, needed the right people to be well done and generally good.

    My comment on 'creation' was simply the use of the word.
    I find it odd that Mr. Perlas would use 'creation' (which usually connotes Judeo-Christian belief systems [to me] more than the point of conserving the present environment and its elements).

  7. Creation is not only Judeo-Christian belief for almost all religion believes in creation even our old Filipino Bathala system has a story of creation... even Greek Mythology. Creation is the basic foundation of all religious beliefs and belief in Divine Providence and Spirituality.

    This shows that Perlas is spiritual as well.

  8. @Shen: I meant that 'Creation' connotes a Judeo-Christian belief system to me.
    I did not say to you, or to anyone else.
    To me.



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