Monday, September 7, 2009

Toblerone's Thank You Day Contest


There are more than a thousand reasons why I should be thankful for - my family, friends, blessings, studies, career, etc; and at the same time, there are that much ways I can express my thanks and gratitude for all of these. Chocolates, flowers, thank you card, a kiss, what have you.

I guess, I would like to thank my cousins, for being always there, in good times and in bad times, for sticking with each other always. :) (P.S. Happy Birthday Lujean!)

Ong Cousins

Once again, October 20 marks the National Thank You Day, an event spearheaded and sponsored by Toblerone, a popular international Swiss chocolate brand, for the third (3rd) time.

This event highlights two simple yet powerful words - THANK YOU. We have seen how the Filipino people have expressed their love and gratitude to an international icon of democracy. Thank you President Cory Aquino. This is why, the thought that we, Filipinos, are well known to be very accommodating and hospitable people in the globe.

In the previous National Thank You Day, the Filipinos proved to the world that the country is united in gratefulness – debunking the Reader’s Digest survey which claimed that the Philippines is one of the least courteo
us nations in the world.

In line with this, The Philippines and Beyond, with Kraft Foods (Toblerone) and GeiserMaclang, Inc. will be launching this contest, "Spread the Sweetness of Gratitude Photo Contest," on how Filipinos can come up with creative ways to spread the gratitude fever by getting people to say ‘thank you’.

Toblerone wants this spirit of thankfulness to extend further to the whole country. And you can join in by showing us how you say Thank You.

  • All Filipinos of legal age (18 years old) and who lives within the GREATER MANILA (Metro Manila, Bulacan, Rizal, Antipolo, Cavite and Laguna) AREA ONLY.

  • Take a photo that shows how you can creatively say thank you or express your gratitude. Think out of the box, be as creative as you can be! Make it alive, exciting and extraordinary!
  • Participants must post their entries in their own website (blog, Multiply, Friendster, Facebook, etc.) and link these photo entries to the gallery found in
  • You should also post the link as a comment in this blog post. Make sure that I can access and view your entry.
  • Please provide a valid email address or and your contact detail/s when posting your link/ comment in this post, so that I may be able to get back to you (for the finalists who will be chosen).

  • The entry must be the entrant's original work.
  • Limit of one entry per person. Incomplete, illegible, or corrupted entries will be disqualified. The Sponsor is not responsible for lost, late, damaged, incomplete or misdirected entries. All entries become the property of the Sponsor and none will be returned.
  • By submitting an entry, the entrant agrees to have his/her entry posted on and used for advertising purposes (TV, print, out-of-home, radio, PR, etc.)
  • I will select five (5) finalists from all the entries submitted.
  • Three (3) top winners among all shortlisted entries will be selected by Toblerone (Kraft) and GeiserMaclang, Inc.
  • The three (3) top winners will receive a Toblerone gift pack each (while all shortlisted entries will be given a "thank you" kit).

  • This photo contest beginas today, Monday, Sept. 7 at 2PM and ends on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 5 PM. Comments will not be permitted after the contest period has expired.
For more details on the contest rules and entry requirements, please visit


  1. the cousins in blue looks cute ahahaha! Thank you for posting this makasali nga :)

  2. hahaha yeah she's volleyball varsity of ateneo, watch out for her in the upcoming vleague!

  3. woops, i think you were referring to the guy right? haha

  4. waaahhhh i want to join but I'm from the provinces XD

    hmmm bong, where are you on the picture?

  5. here's mine:

  6. Thank you for blogging about toblerone! help us spread the sweetness again by allowing me to invite you and your readers to Toblerone Pilipinas website: Spread the Sweetness! :)



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