Thursday, July 30, 2009

Tribute to Cory Aquino

Fr. Johnny Go, SJ, director of Xavier School in Greenhills San Juan made this tribute to a former president, a loving grandmother and mother, a woman of hope, courage and freedom. In the info beside the video, Fr. Go wrote:

She was swept to power by the world's first peaceful revolution, the People Power EDSA Revolution of 1986. From Boston, she returned home with her children in 1983 to bury her husband, Ninoy Aquino, who had been assassinated in the airport tarmac and in a breathtaking turn of events, led her people in dismantling the Marcos dictatorship and became the Philippines' first woman president.

Now, grateful for all that she has done, we pray for Cory as she battles her illness. Yellow ribbons, the symbol of the opposition movement she led in 1986, are sprouting in places physical and virtual. We thank the Lord for sending us this widow who wrapped her grief over her assassinated husband with faith and turned it into infectious courage.

I put this together from all sorts of YouTube videos and pictures on line. This is my tribute to the widow who led the nation in braving that storm. She made me proud to be Filipino.

She once have said in an inspiring message, and I quote, "I am burning the candle of my life in the dark, with no one to benefit from the light. The candle slowly melts away. Soon its wick will burn out, and the light is gone. If only someone will gather the melted wax, reshape it, give it a new wick. For another fleeting moment, my candle can once again light the dark, be of service one more time, and then, goodbye."

Now that there's already a lit path because of you, I take the challenge to be the wick of your remolded candle, ignite anew, and share the light to others, who still are in the dark. This is my promise, until another gathers our melted wax, and be its wick for the next generation.

"Cory, Laban!"


  1. Pumanaw na siya ngunit siya ay hindi malilimutan.

    - Kelvin, QC

  2. i'ts been an amazing journey leading us to our freedom, I hope each and every single filipino will consider themselves the new wick as we mould the candle once again for a better nation. Thank you for everything

  3. Oh what a circus, oh what a show
    The Philippines has gone to town
    Over the death of a woman called Cory Aquino
    We`ve all gone crazy
    Mourning all day and mourning all night
    Falling over ourselves to get all of the misery right

    Oh what an exit, that`s how to go
    When they`re ringing your curtain down
    Demand to be buried like Cory Aquino
    It`s quite a sunset
    And good for the country in a roundabout way
    We`ve made the front page of all the world`s papers today

    But who is this Santa Aquino?
    Why all this howling, hysterical sorrow?
    What kind of goddess has lived among us?
    How will we ever get by without her?

    She had her moments, she had some style
    The best show in town was the crowd
    Outside the streets of EDSA crying, `Cory Aquino`
    But that`s all gone now
    As soon as the smoke from the funeral clears
    We`re all gonna see and how, she had meddled for years.

    You let down your people Aquino
    You were supposed to have been immortal
    That`s all they wanted, not much to ask for
    But in the end you could not deliver

    Sing you fools, but you got it wrong
    Enjoy your prayers because you haven`t got long
    Your queen is dead, her reign is through
    And she`s not coming back to you

    Show business kept us all alive
    Since twentyfive February 1986
    But the star has gone, the glamour`s worn thin
    That`s a pretty bad state for a state to be in

    Instead of government we had a stage
    Instead of ideas, a prima donna`s rage
    Instead of help we were given a crowd
    She didn`t say much, but she said it loud

    Sing you fools, but you got it wrong
    Enjoy your prayers because you haven`t got long
    Your queen is dead, her reign is through
    She`s not coming back to you

  4. I am very happy to see that once again Filipinos unite chanting for "Cory, we love you.." But definitely one day after the burial, everything will go buried with Cory.

    We need to realize that Cory embodies the Filipino ideals and dreams for a better Philippines. We need to realize that when we say "Cory, we love you.." means "Philippines we love you.."

    So let's unite once more to show the world that we love our country and not just for a show. Gumising ka na Pinoy.. Palubog na naman ang araw tulog ka pa rin..



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