Friday, July 24, 2009

Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro visits Xavier, shares Vision


As I heard Secretary Teodoro give his vision for the Philippines the other day, I can't help to nod most of the time, and disagree with some parts of what he said. Yes. So far, he might have the most concrete and "laid-out" plans for the country, which is, admittedly, in sync with what I have been studying in the National College of Public Administration and Governance. But sadly, even if he's that good based on what he says, one cannot remove the image of being one of Gloria's supporters, through and through.

Sec. Teodoro's plans are, somewhat (I say), military and defense-centric -- nation building by strengthening disaster risk management, security operations, strengthening legal offensive of the armed forces, and all will follow - he says. Also, he's very vocal about changing our constitution, to fuel the "state of evolution of our young democracy." He advocates a top to bottom change, and he says we have to shape institutions to motivate not to do bad.

I am sure he would do a great administrator. He is intelligent, and he knows what he is saying. But you know, saying something is different from actually doing it. As what Fr. Zulo said during his invocation, "This country has a lot of people who talk, what this country needs are people who do."

The challenge for Gibo, and those who would fall under the administration ticket, is to be critical, truthful, and real. It is true that he cannot be an Opposition candidate since it will be unethical and wrong. On the other hand, he should stick with the administration or run independent, but at the same time, work on the ills of this Administration. He should advocate for policies that's pro-poor, and set an example to the Filipino people that he's independent, and cannot be dictated.

My verdict - Right now, and in the near future, he won't win over the likes of Chiz Escudero, who's both brilliant and very admirable with his vision. He should consider running for Senator or Vice-president instead - maybe there, he'll win. Maybe there, I'll vote for him. What I demand is that he don't tolerate the wrongdoings GMA has been and is perpetuating, and instead, capitalize on that.

Strengths - Peace and Order, Defense, Governance
Weaknesses - Education, Economics and Social Services

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