Sunday, July 5, 2009

Alternative Sources of Energy - Henry Ramos

Henry Ramos

The director of the National Institute of Physics, Dr. Henry Ramos discussed with the class “Alternative Sources of Energy”. He presented and mapped out energy resources, the World’s and the Philippines energy consumption, and presented sources of energy we can harness.

At the end of his lecture, the questioned I posed was “What’s the best source of energy the Philippines can focus on?” He said that our country should continue to invest in different alternative sources of energy depending on the location and the capacity of the region. Although this was the case, he pointed out that Biomass and Geothermal (and Wind) are the best sources for the Philippines.

He added that solar power is not a solution as of the moment because even though with the popular notion that our country is in the tropics, thus having warmer temperatures, it doesn’t mean it’s conducive to producing solar power.

With the amount of pollution we have, and that the solar waves are diffused when it reaches the earth’s surface, it’s hard for us to harness as much solar energy that would sustain our consumption.

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  1. did he gave you a copy of your lecture?



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