Saturday, June 27, 2009

Coffee in the jelly, jelly in your Coffee!

Starbucks launches its newest addition to your favorite ice blended coffee - the Dark Roast Coffee Jelly. This July 2, Starbucks is excited to introduce Dark Roast Coffee Jelly as an enjoyable addition to your iced beverage that will be sure to liven up your day in a fun and exciting way.

This rich dark coffee treat is for me because unlike the other drinks, this frappuccino isn't that sweet!

Scrumptious, aroma-rich, velvety smooth and exciting to drink, Dark Roast Coffee Jelly is made with Starbucks® premium Dark Roast coffee to create a flavor and aroma that is deep and delicious in every cup. Dark Roast Coffee Jelly can be added to any iced beverage as a creative way to enjoy your coffee. Delicious new handcrafted beverages to try include:

Picture 4

Already a preferred taste sensation in Japan, Starbucks is excited to offer this new coffee experience to Philippine customers. When united with the creamy texture and taste of the original Starbucks Frappuccino® Blended Coffee, or the icy cool Caffe Latte, Dark Roast Coffee Jelly creates a revitalizing taste that is perfect for an afternoon delight.

Tumbler Twists

In addition to the drinks that will be launched, Starbucks will also make available new set of merchandise. One of which is the Twist Tumbler - "8 oz. tumblers that twist in three places to change the head, middle and bottom part of each character."



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