Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Who is the Happiest Pinoy?

A search for the happiest Pinoy was launched by Cebuana Lhuillier which will run from May 5 to September 15 of this year (see mechanics below). "Don't worry; be happy. And maybe you can win P200,000. No kidding." says Cebuana Lhuillier Insurance Solutions (CLIS) in their advocacy to find the happiest Filipino and to recognize and celebrate "the Filipino's innate spirit of optimism, resilience and hope."

According to general manager Jonathan Batangan, the nationwide search seeks to "honor the most cheerful and optimistic Filipino who has remarkably exhibited resilience amid life's challenges."

Happiest Pinoy Contest Mechanics Happiest Pinoy Contest Mechanics Brian Ong Contest mechanics on the search by Cebuana Lhuiller of the Happiest Filipino/ Pinoy.

Of the total 88 million Filipinos, only five will be chosen as finalists, but only one would be selected the happiest Pinoy by October. The four finalists will each receive P25,000 each. The amount is no laughing matter because CLIS promised the cash is free of tax.

The finalists will be chosen based on their life story and their exemplary traits and character. The nominator must also describe in writing the elements that make the nominee constantly cheerful and optimistic. The nominator must also cite events in the nominee's life that demonstrated his/her resilience and inner strength.

The nominee must also "positively impact the lives of those around him/her."

Source: http://www.happiest-pinoy.com/

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  1. I commend Cebu Lhuiller for pursuing this advocacy even if it is in a form of a promo/contest because endeavors like this are what our country needs to visualize an optimistic present. Not all current events are political in nature.



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