Sunday, April 26, 2009

University of the Philippines Graduates of 2009 have record of 18 Summa Cum Laudes

It didn't rain! No rain could stop the 4,000 graduates of the University of the Philippines Diliman from their graduation day earlier which was held in the University Amphitheater behind Quezon Hall.

Days before, UPD Chancellor Cao issued a statement regarding the graduation today, but I guess, Grace was on the graduates' side. Thank God! :)

Please be advised that

If it rains tomorrow but it stops before 3:30 p.m., then we will proceed with the commencement exercises.

If we are able to start the commencement exercises but it rains during the ceremony, the President will then proceed with the conferment of degrees before we disperse.

If we are unable to start the ceremony due to heavy rains, then we will no longer have the commencement ceremony; we will consider your degrees to have been conferred.

For your guidance. Thank you for your understanding.


Sergio S. Cao


Emerging as #1 Summa Cum Laude was none other than UP Chinese Student Association's (CSA) Scott Riley Ong from BS Biology with a General Weighted Average of 1.036. "The highest academic honor is bestowed on graduates with a GWA of 1.20 or better." Another Summa Cum Laude, the only College of Science and Philosophy (CSSP) Summa Cum Laude, is Laureen Carmela Lukban (who's also from CSA) from BS Psychology with a GWA of 1.114.

The top honors, in the order of their GWAs, are as follows: Juan Lorenzo B. Pablo, BS Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (1.061); Maria Patricia Rouelli G. Sabino, BS Computer Engineering (1.082); Mikhail P. Solon, BS Physics (1.084); Joseph Ray Clarence G. Damasco, BS Mathematics (1.107); Frances Antoinette C. Cruz, BA European Languages (1.109); Laureen Carmela B. Lukban, BS Psychology (1.114); Anna P. Canlas. BA Broadcast Communication (1.117); Jan Carlo B. Punongbayan, BS Economics (1.151) and Mark Joseph S. Tan, BS Chemical Engineering (1.16); Angelo Aresenio de Guzman Santos, BS Mathematics (1.169) and Joseph Jeeben R. Segui(1.173), both to obtain a BS Mathematics degree; Christina Marianne G. Mantaring, BS Computer Engineering (1.178); Angelo C. Ani, BS Industrial Engineering (1.191); Luther Paul dela Rosa Caranguian, BS Electronics and Communications Engineering (1.192); Shyne De Vera Galapon, BS Chemistry (1.193); Andreo C. Calonzo, BA Journalism (1.198) and Ma. Theresa S. Pamintuan, BS Business Administration and Accountancy (1.2)

In addition to the top honors of summa cum laude, UPD produced 192 magna cum laude and 810 cum laude graduates. The magna cum laude is awarded to a graduate with a GWA 1.45 and the cum laude for a GWA of 1.75.


I first met Scott and Laureen when I was a freshie applying into the University of the Philippines Chinese Student Association. Being a bibo applicant/ batch-head I was able to get all their signatures done and get to know them more. After that year, I ran for Vice-President of the organization, and won. To my delight and appreciation, I was able to serve as Executive Council with Scott (as Secretary General) and Laureen (as Public Relations Head).

During our term, we have bonded and faced a lot of triumphs and defeats. But in the end, we all emerged victorious and strong from these experiences in the Execom. I am happy to not only have met these great people, but also have spent time and have gotten to know them as a person, even before they became Summa Cum Laude.

UPCSA - Org Pic 7

I know deep in my heart that, both Scott and Laureen, and the graduates of UPD Batch 2009, would strive to better themselves and our nation by being the best in their fields and by giving back to our beloved country. Kudos and God Bless! :3

P.S. Congrats to Mimi Ong, Apple Mo, Kim Ong, Alvene Ngo, Rich King, Marv Chan, Lyndon Loo, Titus Tan, Emil Tapnio, John Almeda, Karen Valencia, sino pa ba? ^^;; And to everyone whom I forgot to mention.

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  2. Thanks Bong! Good luck and God bless with everything you are about to face this coming year and in the future in general :) Hahaha! :)



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