Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Mini-Dachshund Puppy!

Dachshund Puppy

Debbie, our Dachshund gave birth yesterday to 3 puppies; sadly, 2 of them died because they're too big, the labor was so stressful. She had a hard time, they even helped her give birth. The other side to it, it was her first time and we didn't know. Having her undergo C-sec might have saved the other 2, though I believe that they wouldn't let her have C-sec even if.

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  1. Poor little pup! Hope she gets through okay. :)

  2. Oh no, too bad about the other two... At least there's one. I hope he/she grows up healthy. :[

  3. Our dachshund had only 2 pups in her first birth... And yeah, tiny doggies need help with labor a lot. :( Poor puppy... ;.;

  4. my female had her first litter on March 3rd. 6 beautiful babies. So far mom and pups are doing great!!!! I'm sorry to hear of your misfortune.

  5. I have seen puppies doing labor. I pity her because you can see in her eyes the pain. Eventually the pain seems worth it when cute babies are finally on her side.



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