Friday, November 7, 2008

Jugno's Monster Pizza

One weekend, when my parents left all 3 of us siblings at home while they went out of town, we decided to order in food for lunch. Jugno's Monster Pizza, the famous 20 inch pizza that will really wow you because of its size. We got the Cheez to Cheez, Spicy Taco Monster, Jugno's Monster Special and Mexican Amigo'. We only paid for Php 519, all in all. It came with 2 kinds of sauces (one white, which reminded me of the sauce used in Shawarma; the other, the more mexican burrito-ish one)

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  1. ang mura! matry nga. msrap ba? -jen

  2. not really a fan of jugnos.. i rather have brooklyn or big apple

  3. @jen: mura! masarap.. well.. ok lang but as @gourmandtales said, brooklyn or big apple's better :)


  4. I found this post while I was searching for Jugno's Monster pizza web. The website sucks!! The operators answering the delivery numbers are so dumb that you need to repeat your order 4 times! I was on the phone with them for 15minutes!! It's been more than an hour now and the pizza is not yet here! Guess what? I'm living close to Mandaluyong City Hall, a good 15-minute-ride to Dansalan (their stupid location!). They suck! I canceled my order! The stupid ladies (Fatima and Michiko) are so proud to tell me that they only have one branch and 5 riders to accommodate Makati City, Ortigas, San Juan, Pasay, Mandaluyong, Baclaran, Pasig and Quezon City. Do the math.

    The annoying part is, they don't give a shit! At ang sabi pa, "Paki intay intay na lang po!" Ano?! 10 years! They gave me a TIMELINE OF 45MINUTES to an HOUR. That's fine! But this is TOO MUCH! There's a small note on the brochure to give a "2-hour-lead-time FOR THOSE AREAS NOT COVERED" But I am from Mandaluyong! Another thing is, when I asked for extra cheese and meat the stupid operator said it's 40 BUCKS! I told her how can it be 40 pesos? When it says on the brochure it's 20 pesos for both?? Clearly, they DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING!

    All I can say is they are full of crap and they will go down! Whoever is the owner should re-orient his employees!


  5. high blood sya.. :|

  6. Hey guys!

    There's another irritating pizza company. or monsters bite. The thing is they ask for you order then the ordertaker ask for your order & address. He will say there's a P100 delivery charge then once you asked him again he will tell you that there's a 10% delivery charge? huh? So that means to say when you order P560 + 100 = P660 or P560 plus 10% = P616. WHAT??? maybe he failed in MATH =) during school days. Then he told me to wait for 1hour and a half to 2hours because he will be comming from trinoma. I told him that our location is just 15 mins away from trinoma. He told me that it would take him 1:30 to 2hrs to deliver... well whats else could I do? He's also asking me that if its ok to have a delivery charge. I said if it's your SOP what could I do? After waiting for 30 mins he called me up to tell me that he would cancel the order because it too far away from his delivery range. WTF? 15min drive from trinoma is too far? then he's telling me that he will be coming from Gilmore. WTF He's inconsistent! His manager told him that It's too far. What???? I told him that I want to talk to his manager, but he said he just texted his manger because his manager is at home. BS What??? Even Off duty managers still do the responsibilities of his work at Home? I told him who's next in line or OIC? he told me he's the OIC. Well he posted in his website:
    Additional Delivery Hotline
    (+63 2) 726.7549
    (+63 2) 710.9138

    Mobile No.
    (+63 908) 864.1393
    but he could'nt deliver? just within his place only. what's its use?
    I think guys this company sucks and just full of BS Marketing strategies. PLAIN OLD SCAMMER!

  7. Hahaha there's no such thing a s a perfect management.. each has flaws in it.. grow up bro xD

  8. Well I have tried Jugnos once and I am planning to get three monster pizza's for my despidida treat. It tastes good and yeah, very affordable.

  9. Anonymous said...
    Hahaha there's no such thing a s a perfect management.. each has flaws in it.. grow up bro xD


    Halata naman sa mga comments mo bias ka sa mga palpak na pizza.... o baka naman ikaw ang may-ari kaya palagi mo pinagtatangol .... hehhehehe
    peace man "Anonymous....."!

  10. ganun tlga katagal un kahit nasa area ka mam..
    kunwari lang ung nasa area..
    saka parng wala tlga silang training for incoming calls..
    delivery ang expertise nila pero parang hindi marunong mag receive ng calls..
    un lang nmn ung flaws nya.. ok nmn ung 2 hrs ang order.. ung nag rereceive lang tlga ng calls..
    - mark william

  11. so the best talaga si Pizza hut..30 mins. delivery..keep it up...

  12. no matter kahit gano katagal ang jugnos pizza. its worth waiting. kasi exact time ng break time namin when it got sa Teleperformance Edsa. tas may discount pa. hehe

  13. yung mga nagbabad comment sa jugnos monster pizza they are all sucks kasi puro negative ang alam lng sabihin try niyo din magtayo,ala namang perperkto e kahit sa tao so ganun din kahit saan,

  14. indeed monster pizza is crap.....they told me they have standard policy...thats bullshit......nkkpdisappoint kyu...

  15. yummie !!!!!!! meron ba tung branch sa tondo :)))



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