Friday, September 5, 2008

Dell Inspiron Mini 9

Mini cars, mini dogs, mini phones and even mini laptops.
I’m sure you’ve heard, but today Dell launched their new laptop, the Inspiron Mini 9. A small, easy-to-carry device designed for social networkers, business travelers on-the-go and newcomers to the PC world, the 2.2lb laptop has standard built in Wi-FI and allows users to do the things most crucial to staying in touch: web surfing, chatting, blogging, streaming content and uploading photos to name a few.Keeping with Dell’s ongoing effort to provide users with a personalized experience, the Inspiron Mini comes in black and white, offering a choice of operating systems such from Windows XP (available today) to the Ubuntu Linux-based Dell-customized interface (coming soon). There is some pretty exciting stuff happening with personalized, on-the-go devices. Inspiron Mini 9 is another great example of Dell working to provide its users with sleek, stylish devices that fit their lifestyle.
The new Dell Inspiron Mini 9 will be available in the Philippines on October 2008. Detailed product specs for the Philippine market will be available next week.



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