Sunday, August 24, 2008

The White Hat Experience

After our trip to the Senate, we went to the Mall of Asia to hang out and have some fun!

Upon arriving at the mall, I eagerly convinced my friends to pass by the White Hat to finally get to try the said "guiltless pleasure." For weeks now, it has been creating a lot of buzz online, and blogger friends say that it's a must try.

That made me curious to want to try it. And because it's not like I get to visit MoA as often as I would like to, I thought that that was an opportune time to try it.

It wasn't that hard finding the store. For my first ever White Hat Experience, I ordered the Large (Php 115) with 3 Toppings (+Php 45) : Banana, Granola and Dark Chocolate Chips.

I could eat this everyday! I really loved it. It was like frozen yakult, but only better. And since I am a banana+chocolate+nuts person, I really enjoyed my toppings too. Here are some of the 21 toppings you can choose from:
"The White Hat® is a cup of SOOOOPER DELICIOUS ITALIAN FROZEN YOGURT topped with healthy premium toppings. It is 98% FAT-free and is good for the body. "A hat, I mean a cup, sells for P85 (regular cup) or P115 (large cup), plus your choice of toppings (P20 for 1, P35 for 2, P45 for 3).

Although it's really good, and I'm sure i'll come back for another one, I find it a little bit expensive for an ordinary student. I guess being in Mall of Asia once in a while is good enough reason to try it once again.
So here's my White Hat Experience, what's yours? :P


  1. white hat!

    I haven't tried that yet but my friends kept bragging about how good that tastes...haha!

    ===>new post! hope you can leave a comment... :)

  2. less fat more sugar.
    less sugar more fat.

    it's a give and take. it needs something to hold it up. :P

    unless this only applies to ice cream.

  3. @unidentified/mystery11: go try it some time! :D i guarantee you that it tastes really good!

    @harrell: well can you please research on that, if it applies to yogurt? :P thanks!



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