Monday, August 4, 2008

Welcome to Beijing!

This song really stuck in my mind after I heard it the first time last week from Dee. I kept on singing this since then. I think this encapsulates the theme of the Beijing Olympics 2008. Here's an MTV of the song, which I got from YouTube. I also found some English lyrics translation online. Go Philippine Team! Go Philippines! :)

"Welcome to Beijing "

Another morning is here, and a breath of fresh air comes with it
We will be friends forever, sticking together like fragrance of green tea
You will find my door open for you at all times,
and I’ll be waiting for you with my arms open
You’ll get to know me much better once you hugged me,
and I promise you will love it here

Please be my guest no matter whether you’re local or from abroad
You are here and you are a friend, and as a friend we welcome you
I want to grow green plants that I will plant in the soil
and will show you our legends so you leave with good memories

You are all my guests, both strangers and friends
so please make yourself feel at home
There is always a lot to talk about even if we meet often

Welcome to Beijing, we will show you a place you haven’t yet seen
Charming of Beijing is full of life
Come to Beijing, we can breathe fresh air in the sunshine together
And we both will leave our mark in this yellow soil

My door will always be open and welcoming to the world
The days of the past are welcoming new day with a youthful smile
We are all friends, please come in and make yourself at home
I am waiting for you here with a smile on my face

Welcome to Beijing, may this music touch your soul
Let’s work together and go over and beyond
Welcome to Beijing, to have a dream is great
If you remain brave, the miracles will happen

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