Friday, August 29, 2008

Third Eye Blind in Oktoberfest!

San Miguel Beer's Oktoberfest Siento Bente will officially kick off its 120 days or 4 months of celebration, of course, with beer, music, and a lot of fun, on September 5, with more than 40 bands, including international act Third Eye Blind.

In the press launch that happened yesterday, San Miguel Pale Pilsen Brand Manager said that it will be the biggest, greatest, and largest running official fiesta ng barkada, as granted by the Department of Tourism, to date.

Aiming to put the Philippines in the Guinness Book of World Records once again, San Miguel will impress the crowd with the biggest Oktoberfest celebration ever with the biggest beer toasting crowd, and the longest beer bar, which will feature 600 meters bar area that will stretch from San Miguel Avenue from Julia Vargas to Louders Ave.

Moreover, to cap off the grand opening of the Oktoberfest, San Miguel will be unveiling the Limited Edition San Miguel Oktoberfest Pale Pilsen. This brew is made out of a pale lager with malty notes, balanced with floral and citrussy hops. It is full-flavored yet lightly bodied, sweetish in taste, and smooth on the finish.

The Oktoberfest will launch simultaneously in the provinces of Mactan, Cebu; Iznart Street, Iloilo; Victora Plaza, Davao; Magsaysay Drive, Olongapo; and Pasea de Sta. Rosa, Laguna. You can catch your favorite pinoy bands in those launches.

*First photo is Rivermaya's newest member, Jason Fernandez. In my honest opinion, he sings fine. Support OPM, support pinoy musicians! :D

Edit: Juned's Post on the details tomorrow: Details: SMC Oktoberfest & Third Eye Blind this September 5


  1. ooo! cool new oktoberfest labels! ;-)

  2. yeah! limited edition, only in oktoberfest! :)

  3. Hmmm.. I think you got the kick off date wrong. In the papers and everywhere else it says Sept. 5, not October 5. So it's this friday na.. They're setting up a big tent na at a parking lot facing tektite.
    Can't wait to try the oktoberfest beer!

  4. hi! thanks for your correction!! :D September 5, not Oct. 5 :p my bad! thanks!



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