Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Ref Door Project

Wifely Steps is launching this blog carnival once again. It's called the Ref Door Project. I've joined her February Blog Carnival, wherein we submitted or blogged about anything we took with the shape of heart in the photo. It was great, so I am joining again.

1. Take a pic of it and post it on your blog.
2. Link back to Wifely Steps
3. Give Wifely Steps a shout out (via email or comments) so she can include your Ref Door in the round-up.

Deadline of entries is on Sunday, July 6, 2008.

And so, here's my entry to this blog carnival! It's an old refrigerator used to store the Coca-Cola items we sell before, when we still had a store. It's now a recycled ref turned pantry to fit all the groceries :)

What does your Ref look like?


  1. Wow! What a cool ref! :)

    Can I feature your ref on my blog? I'll post the image and a link to your site. Let me know please!

  2. hi got here from Toni. Agree with ref is super cool :)

    Me coke ba jan sa loob...hehehe

  3. jeanny
    Thanks! :)

    hehe how i wish i can put inside all the coke stuff i'm collecting :P hmmm...maybe one day :)

    i can put all the coke zero i got from the Coke party! :)

  4. Hi Bong! I've posted the round-up na. Thanks for sharing your ref door with us! ;)

  5. Toni

    I saw it already! thanks! :)

  6. hi bong, got here via toni's ref door proj. :) cool ref! i'm currently here in atlanta georgia and there's a world of coke museum here. looking at all their items, nakaka-tempt to be a coke paraphernalia collector! i'm sure you'll enjoy it pag nag-visit ka, i'm volunteering to take you! :)

  7. meeya
    thanks for the visit and for your nice comment! oh i would really really really love to go there..actually i am wondering who would be there because i want to buy this ( :( hehehe ang gandaaa!

    when and if i visit over there, i'll try to leave a message? :p HEHE



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