Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I saved 28 pesos today!

I was able to hunt down the very endangered/elusive species - the Toki - for more, the FREE RIDE Toki jeep, which I rode from the College of Arts and Letters area going to NCPAG. I must admit that I felt happy that I got to ride in it. Hey, it's not everyday you can see free rides in UP--so don't blame me ^^;;

Not only that, after my class in NCPAG, I wanted to ride the Free Toki going to the Arts and Sciences building (Palma Hall), but I failed to do so because the jeepneys weren't stopping for us. That's so unfair and so infuriating, really. There were 3 Tokis that passed us, but they weren't stopping or giving a hint that they'll stop at all; this is why I opted to ride the Free Ikot instead of waiting for nothing.

Another thing that I noticed is the ignorance of people about the free ride. They still try to reach and give their payment, only knowing after the driver says "libreng sakay po" (the ride is free) that the ride is really free.

Well, to emphasize, it's true that not everyday you get free rides in UP, so I guess people were really confused at the same time really thankful for it.

Because of this treat con advertising promo of Accenture (yes, fine, there, free advertising for the company...haha) I was able to save 28 pesos -- not bad, not bad! That's one very cold drink from CASAA or some place else to quench my thirst from the very warm and humid mornings in UP.

I am sure that this free ride every Tuesday until December thingy going around made everyone happy today, even though they don't really know why they are given such comfort. But after a while, I think they'll be aware of this and would kill one another just to get a free ride? (I hope not!)

Thank you for the free rides! ;)


  1. i was in up this morning and i did see the free rides! hehe, a 28 pesos in savings can work wonders for a student's allowance. hope to bump into you again! nice to finally meet you in person. just realized pareho pala tayong gwapo, hehehehe!

  2. arpee
    ooooh. cool!
    you tell me! :) hee.
    nice to finally meet you too, and yes, of course we are! hahhahahaha!

  3. i think that is a smart way to minimize class lates.hahaha



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