Monday, June 23, 2008

Continuing the Legacy

I'm actually really happy right now to find out that Gian took the duty as head of the Appreciation Day Committee. The Appreciation Day Committee or the A-day Committee is responsible for the events for that single day in the last few weeks of September (September 26 for this year) wherein students recognize and feel proud of their teachers and other school staff and employees.

I was once the head of it when I was back in 4th year high school, and I am proud to say that since then, all the heads of the A-day Committee (Sherwin, Rod, and now Gian) was with my team back in 2006. Go Gian! Continue the Legacy! :)

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  1. Cool! You're from XS! I was your kapit bahay ages ago.. hehehe.. :)

  2. candishhh
    I was from XS.. now UP :)
    ooooh! ICAN! hehe :P



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