Thursday, May 1, 2008

Teen Blog Awards

I've entered my blog again this year at the Candy Teen Blog Awards. I'm still optimistic in getting something out of this. Well, probably it's the last thing on my mind (winning...though God knows I really want to), but still, I hope it inspires me to continue to write - to write with passion, and enough to be recognized.

I would really appreciate if you left a comment and voted for me here. (click me) :3


  1. I actually joined that contest last year and luckily, I came in as one of the finalist. Hehe. Anyway, just keep on writing and do not let anyone or anything stand on your way. Much luck with the contest! :D

    Btw, exchange links? :)

  2. hey jmar! wow! so are you joining again this time? hehe thanks! :) you too!

    sure! i'll link you up!

  3. Wow I wanna join but the nomination period is over. :(

    I'll just vote for you Bong! hahaha. By the way I have a new photoblog:

  4. wow bong! il definitely vote for you! (duh?) good luck!!! post ka everyday hahahaha

  5. maki
    ayyy.. sayang!

    thanks!:) i added you to my blogroll! goodluck on the blog! i'll definitely stay tuned to that

  6. clea
    thanks a lot! i'll try.. you should do the same? :)



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