Tuesday, May 13, 2008

RX 93.1 In The Zone

Last Sunday, while I was driving to church on a very bumpy/ hole-filled EDSA (oh how I hate EDSA!), I heard on the radio about this inter-RX radio program-contest called "In The Zone." Igi Guerrero was looking for someone who can be on their team. He gave out three questions on-air and asked for people to text-in the correct answers to be able to drafted to represent their team in the Super Trivia division. 

Q#1 How many teams are there in the NCAA?
Q#2 What's the capital of Turkey?
Q#3 Who are the goofy henchmen of Hades in the film Hercules?

Well, admittedly, I have doubts on the NCAA part (but later on I was right all along), and in the capital of Turkey part. So I texted Sean and asked him if he knew. I guess he searched it on the net. :) 

A#1 8 teams
A#2 Ankara
A#3 Pain and Panic

So I thanked Sean, and texted RX my name, age, location, landline, and my answers. After a while, I received a text from Igi, and guess what? I got in! I'll be representing their team (I'm not sure what team yet:\) in the upcoming "In The Zone" contest in TimeZone, Glorietta this coming Friday, May 16. In all actuality, I am both excited and nervous. I really didn't expect that I'll be included, but what the heck, I'll do it and try to get the gold! So wish me luck :3

Anyone want to come with me that day? It'll be from 1-6pm. hehe!

*Oh, don't ever TEXT while you're driving, okay? I texted while the red light was on. So I didn't text while I drove. Just to be clear. :)


  1. hey congratulations! the best of luck to you bro! bring home the gold and don't forget to post it so we can all see the spoils, hehehe.

  2. hi! blog hop...link ex?!? hope you can leave a comment too...

    congratulations!!! i love timezone...haha... :)

  3. oh my god bong!!!!!! eeeeeeeeeeeep!!!! i love RX!!! And jumpstart!!!! But i kinda made plans on that day already, and malayo glorietta? =(

  4. arpee
    thanks! will do! :)

    linked you up

    hehe! i knoooooow! wah! sayang! well you take care, i'll let you know what happens :P yeah..it's far nga o.o

  5. Oooh! Congrats! Tell me what happens!



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