Friday, July 11, 2008

My Top 10 Influential Blogs (updated!)

Actually, I knew about Janette Toral's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs campaign long ago, but I was just really having a hard time picking which blogs to nominate. Now I feel obliged to post mine, since Tiffy posted hers already, and I just found out that you don't need to list 10 blogs all at once. :)

1. Manila Foodistas - I am proud of this blog, and of what we have accomplished. It's our brainlove child, and I really do hope it gets noticed and appreciated :3 Enjoy!!

2. Mrs. Awesome Planet by Rache Diaz - I love reading her blog. It's a "slice of Manila's hidden places, food and travel secrets through word-of-mouth, shared with a mommy twist."

3. Visit Sagada - This site really helped me and my friends in planning for our supposed Sagada trip which didn't push through (I would really love to go there someday..sniff.. haha)

4. Manila Fashion Observer for Sanriotown - "a mixture of paradoxes" as described by Sanriotown people because first, she's not based in Manila, and her blog's not all about fashion. (It has food, Hello Kitty, toys, sights, etc posts also).

5. Filipino Voices - I recently learned about this blog collaboration. It focuses on issues about politics and society with specific touch on human and civil rights. Through the issues and commentaries tackled within this blogging network, I am hoping that concern and action be generated.

6. flipflopping my way around town - It's Fran Haw's "girly-girl's guide to the best things in life." Though, truly, it is one of the "guide to the best things in life," I beg to disagree that it's "girly-girl"; it could be for guys too you know. HAHA! Best of luck Fran!

7. University Student Council - Blog of the current UP USC :)

8. AmongEd.Org - Simply put it, transparency and people's participation through the internet and the blogs.

9. Oddball - A blog of Mayor Jessie Robredo: "Putting our people first, Development that matters"

10. Eksena Manila - The Philippines based Eksena Manila is a group of young developing community of 100 [and counting] agents in the process of establishing their name and reputation to match the global Improv standards, inspired by New York, USA’s Improv Everywhere.


  1. hey! this is my blog shoti! :P hahaha! biased for me? aww thank you! ^^

  2. Hello :) I hope you do check out - it's mainly about a sister's love to her special brother :)

  3. thanks for nominating VisitSagada!

  4. thanks for nominating VisitSagada!

  5. hey brian! not that i'm biased or anything, but since you're all about the politics i feel that you might be interested in one of my anchors' blogs: :) it's a pretty good read, imo :)

  6. Hi there Bong! Please do check out my Mar Roxas for President in 2010 Blog at


  7. Bong, Thank you for the vote of confidence...

    Filipino Voices is definitely emerging, and I must say that influential is definitely one of the goals, if only to reach a wider audience, and advocate for a better society, through knowledge of the real issues.

    Thanks again Bong

  8. micaela
    sure! i'll be happy to visit

    you're welcome! :)

    thanks! yeah, i think it's good too!

    kevin ray
    alright! i'll check it out.

    you're welcome! more power :)

  9. ako din magpopromote.hehe.
    guys, you may check out (and consider..hehe)

    good luck to all the nominees! =)

  10. may try to visit my blog. see if it suits your qualifications. i just started it last week of april and i have growing number of readers....

  11. Check my blog too. It's all about investments, entrepreneurship, personal finance, money management, and business. It features articles on stories of entrepreneurs and my own journey towards achieving financial freedom. Hope you include my blog. :-)

  12. Hi Bong. Thank you for the update. I noticed that Sa Totoo Tayo and Filipino Changemaker started before July 2007.

  13. Hello Bong. This is to mark your entry as complete.

    See you on August 11. Thank you for supporting this writing project.

  14. Hello Bong...

    I hope to see you at Bloggers EB... Hehe :)



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