Friday, May 9, 2008

Goolai's Packed Salad

My dinner today was Goolai's packed mixed greens, with pecans, kiwi, mangoes, grapes, chicken and strawberry vinaigrette. It never fails to satisfy me. :)

Goolai products are made by the Agri-Growers Multipurpose Cooperative of the Gemmarc Foods Inc. They offer various salads, bottled dressings and sandwiches in whole wheat bread.

Photo from Gemmarc Foods

Their lettuces include "lollo rosa, romaine, green ice, red rapid, frillise and iceburg," which come from hydroponic farms in Tagaytay and Silang, Cavite. But what got me into their salads is the dressing, which vary everyday. These dressings include, "cranberry, strawberry, balsamic, basic, poppyseed, mango vinaigrette, Caesar's salad, honey mustard, creamy onion, creamy garlic parmesan, tex mex and ranch dressing, and raspberry, honey lime, Italian, avocado dressing and many other popular recipes." Personally, I love their blueberry vinaigrette.

Photo from Shella

You can find Goolai salads "in most Rustan's supermarkets, Landmark, Metro Market, Robinson's supermarkets in Galleria and Metro East, Shoppersville, Ateneo College Canteen, Petron Treats Bel-Aire, Treats in Union Bank Ortigas, Alexandra Ortigas, Unimart, and Shell Katipunan."

I got tagged by Jmar on this one. Hmm. So here it goes.

For the lack of specificity on what things I am to be enumerating, I shall put them under the category of Food. Yeah? :3 Enjoy!

1. Mint 2. Mallows 3. Mascarpone 4. Mudpie 5. Meatballs 6. Margarita 7. Macaroni 8. Macaroons 9. Miso Soup 10. Mashed Potato

I tag whoever wants to do this :)


  1. Preparing ka na for Tzu Chi ah.

  2. shux im scared actually... very mapili ako sa veggies.. pano na yun? O.O eeeep x.x

  3. I've always wanted to buy that but I found the serving a little too large and the expiry date was like the next day na so I opted not to. The blueberry vinaigrette sounds interesting though. (:

    Hey, I got a blogspot. Now, I have nothing to put in it. Haha.

  4. camille
    yey! welcome! :) ohw, it's worth it, for me at least.. try mo! haha

    put anything and everything under the sun. haha

  5. i loveee goolai salad!! :) the best :) i cant even choose which one i like best coz they're all good! :) thanks for dropping by mah blog!! ;)

  6. i hope they expand quickly, i'm just getting my goolai when i go to greenhills, and that's like every sunday only.. :))

    thanks for your comment!

  7. They definitely expanded! I think you can always see goolai salads in most Rustan Supermarkets. I get mine on Rockwell Mall =)



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