Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Adi's Birthday Overnight

I am happy that I get to blog again and use my laptop now after two days of not having it with me. I knew I should have brought it to my cousin's place. Jen, Tippi and Nikki brought their MacBooks and MacBook Pro. (N.B., That's the longest I've been away from my MacBook)
Jen, Josh, Nicole, Nikki and Luj

Tin and B-day Boy

Anyway, Last Sunday was my cousin Adi's birthday. I slept over at their house. We had a sumptuous dinner and a very wonderful all-nighter bonding with my cousins (Adi, Luj, Tin, Justin, Jen, Tippi) and Nikki. Oh, who would forget the drinks? :P
Cruzan Banana Rum Adi wanted us to try (it wasn't awesome, just okay)

Absolut Kurant - Luj's fave

*missing in pic - Generoso Brandy - Tin's fave*

Everyone had stuff to do that morning, except for Adi, Tippi and me. We bummed around and hanged out more. We opened and ate the chocolates that has a drop of liquor inside (really cool!), and swam at Celebrity during the afternoon (with Jen, who came from Ateneo Volleyball varsity practice). I really enjoyed and loved every bit of it! Let's plan our trip already! :3
Box full of Chocolates! :3

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