Sunday, March 16, 2008


It's my second time to be in a cold storage. First was when we were buying fruits back when I was little, and second was last night, in the Be the Legacy Batch Project of UP-JMA's applicants.

As the ticket says, it's an "inter-org ice pageant." We fielded 3 contestants - Kirby Cheng, Sunshine Tan and Cherrie Ongteco. And so UP-CSA people trooped to the place to support and show our love. :)
Madie, Pao Pei, Merri, Pam, Pat, Kim, Bong

Kirby Cheng emerged to be victorious as he bagged 3 out of the 4 awards for the guys. He was the over-all winner and got Most Photogenic and People's Choice awards. Sunshine Tan got in to the top 3, but fell short to win the top spot. Valerie Figueroa won over-all for the girls. :)
Kirby with his trophy

Val Fig poses

It was a great night. I love the coolness (edit: coldness) of the place. I hope it's like that everyday. But after you step out of the place, you are reminded that summer is just around the corner, and we have to work our asses off hard before we really enjoy. Fast-forward to Sem-Ender? Please!

things to look forward to: pat's birthday, mom's birthday, sem-ender, baguio-sagada trip, food trips with joey, tiff, hannah, and mark + food blog, summer vacation!!! and csa plan-sem :x


  1. haha yeah! we have money! bwahahahaa! how much will csa get? haha :P and oh yeah, may org ba si val fig? i mean, what org did she represent, or something like that? haha. what about cherrie? did she win anything? :D ~thea

  2. hahaha! yes we have money!!! :) err.. a lot i can say..:) don't know the exact amount eh! :P

    yeah...psych soc..sayang! dapat csa din...dba val? haha joke! :P


  3. YAY subzero! HAHAHA
    and YAY kirby and val fig! ang galing nila!

  4. i have my car pala tomo, haha ♥ the big one so we can all fit :D kat will prolly bring her car too, so you guys would have a ride back. if she's leaving her car behind, i'll just ikot you guys back too haha :9

    i'm sooo excited! persian cuisine = lamb, kebabs, etc. LAMB ♥ exotic yay? haha! remind me to bring the d40 and let's take lots of food photos and hjk+bong&tiffy photos?? haha! ♥
    this is going to be the start of your faces totally spamming my multiply ♥ that's hot, haha ;(

    see you tomo! ♥ so ready for the foodlove >:3

    (congratulations to those three people i'm not acquainted with too ♥)

  5. yes!!! :) we shall have lots of pics! sayang lang mark can't but yeah, we'll enjoy ourselves and try persian! yehey! ♥



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