Monday, February 11, 2008

Filipino People

To: The Citizens of the Republic of the Philippines

Why don't we do something about the "Philippine Political crap" we are all talking about rather than condemning and bitching about what we don't really understand fully?

How many times have we complained about our leaders?
Let's ask ourselves, have we cooperated with the initiatives they are undertaking for the betterment of society? Do we even care to know and read about the issues that hound us?

How many times have we blamed the voting public for our leaders?
(At least they go out and vote!)
Let's ask ourselves, have we went out of our way to register and vote? Have we educated the voting public on picking the "right choice"? What have we done to prevent bad leaders from being elected?

How many times have we said we're tired of corruption?
Let's ask ourselves, how many times have we paid the MMDA traffic officer to let us go when we get caught? How many times have we resulted to bribing and putting grease to avoid lines and processes?

How many times have we clamored for change?
Let's ask ourselves, do we even try to change the wrongs in our own backyards? In our schools? In our work? In our community?


Well, oftentimes, it's easy to blame others.

Oftentimes, it's easy to excuse ourselves and be apathetic to all of this.

But you, Filipino People, do not have the right to be bitching around, when you yourself do not even give a damn, and care about the topic.


  1. people have voiced out those same things but none have done anything about it.



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