Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Nakagugulat na pagpasok mo pa lang sa college ng NCPAG, lahat ng tao'y bumabati sayo ng "hi Brian", "hello", "kamusta?", at kung anu-ano pa.

Ay, aba siyemre at oo nga naman, dadatal sa iyo na, "eleksyon na nga pala." At iyon nga kung bakit ako pumunta ng UP ngayong Wednesday, para sa CEB meeting. :))

So we extended the deadline of filing of COCs until 6:30pm today for Undergraduate and Graduate students. (Fair, para wala nang masabi..ok?) And we'll deliberate tomorrow morning regarding the candidates. We'll be releasing the official not yet final list by 8:30? 9:00? am.

Other dates to remember:

Feb. 21 (Thurs - 4pm) Deadline: Filing of Protest against Candidates
Feb. 22 (Fri - 12nn) Release of Final Official List of Candidates
Feb. 22 - Mar. 1 (Fri-Sat) Official Campaign Period
Mar. 01 - (Sat - 12nn) Last day: posting campaign materials
Mar. 03 - (Mon - 2pm) Students' Convocation (Miting de Avance)
Mar. 03 - (Mon) Deadline: Submission of Official Poll Watchers
Mar. 04 - (Tues) ELECTION DAY
Mar. 05 - (Wed) Announcement of Election Results
Mar. 07 - (Fri - 5pm) Last day: Filing of Election Protests
Mar. 10 - (Mon) Release of Decisions
Mar. 17 - (Mon) Oath-Taking of New Student Council Officers

Please exercise your right to vote. :)

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